The Girl Next Door

Mia has just moved into a new apartment in London and her neighbor happens to be Liam Payne. She thinks she has fallen for his friend Niall, until Liam gets involved and things get complicated.
Niall or Liam? Niall or Liam?
Will she end up with one of them or none?
Will she be able to escape her past and have a chance at romance?
Or will she stay 'just The Girl Next Door...


59. Everything I needed

Niall's P.O.V 

I watch Mia sitting on Jake as they have a conversation with threats, banter and a discussion about 'what could have been'. If I hadn't over heard their conversation, and if I didn't know them or their story I would say that they made a cute couple. 

But really I was standing there resisting the urge to pull Mia off of him and then rip Jake's throat out. 

When I woke up this morning, I was happy. The girl I loved had agreed to move in with me, I wasn't just happy, I was ecstatic. Then I dropped her off at her apartment building and half an hour later get a call from my best friend saying she had fainted and was in his apartment. Oh and her abusive ex had paid her a visit.

I was no longer happy. 

And now, I watch Mia sigh as she closes the door after watching Jake walk away and thoughts of worry run through my head. 

"Maybe she's still in love with him?" "Maybe she's just settling for you" "Maybe she doesn't want to move in with you after all" "Maybe it was all an act."

Just as I am thinking all this she turn around and runs towards Zayn, Liam and I, engulfing the three of us in a huge group hug. 

"Thank you." She whispers to us, "What you've done for me, it means so much to me, you have no idea. So thank you so much." She says, her voice shaking slightly and I could tell she was trying not to cry. 

She pulls away from the hug and wipes her eyes. 

Then she turns to each of us individually hugging us and whispering something in our ear. I'm not sure what she said to the others but when she got to me she hugged me tight and whispered;

"I love you so much."

And the worry and sadness washed away. Because those 5 words were everything I needed to hear and more. 

As she pulls out of the hug she kisses me lightly on the mouth. The kiss was quick but sweet. 

After a long conversation we said goodbye to Zayn and Liam and Mia and I went next door to her apartment. We then sat and talked (and made out a little bit) and then I sat and watched her pack a bag of things from underwear to her iPhone charger. After that we drove to my Apartment, Mia talking the whole time about idea's for her new company. And as she smiled at me, and held one of my hands as I drove I knew that I loved this girl and all the drama was worth it. 

Because now I had her. And I wasn't gonna let her slip away. No matter how many fights we have, how many disagreements, I will always love her. Stubbornness and all. 


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