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Edith is just a giggly girl living her dream as the best actress in the world. Harry's in one direction (obvi) he is taking a risk and joins a small movie which Edith is in. They meet. Will Edith change? Will she give away her innocence? Or will she stay sting with her word? Ok guys so I just came up with this 5 minutes ago so sorry if its bad. Ummm I love comments! But please give me ideas for this fanfic. Thanks I love you guys!


2. Chapter 2

Edith's POV. 

 The next morning I came in early so I wouldnt run into Harry. I waited for what felt like hours outside of section G. Which is where we are filming. I sat and felt the cold wind hit my face. I looked around and noticed a person walking towards me. Please don't be harry please don't be harry. 

"Hey is the section G?" And Irish accent asked. 



"Ok. So um you on the set of the movie?" He asked. 

"Yep. You?" 

"No. I'm here for my mate." He said. 

"Oh. Ik Edith by the way." I added. 

"Niall." He said shaking my hand. 

We sat there for a bit talking and he invited me over to a small party with his band mates. I'm really excited. Niall is so nice and so loveable. 

The doors finally got unlocked. I said goodbye to Niall and ran to my dressing room trying to hide from harry. 

"Edith wait!" I heard harry yell. I ignored his pleads and slammed the dressing room doors. 

About 5 minutes later I had to do a seen. With harry!

"All right you too look great! This is the kiss scene!" The director phil yelled. 

Harry got closer to me and before he did anything he whispered "you hear that? We look great together." He smirked. 

After that he dove for the kiss. Before his lips touched mine I pulled him in closer. Hard. I slammed my lips against his. I jammed my tongue down his throat. 

When I pulled away harry was shocked. I saw his a small erection forming. 

"Like that pretty boy?" I teased and walked away. 

A/N~ I'm really sorry my chapters are short! Once I find our we're this story's heading ill make them longer. Biiii! :) - Bri

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