Lights Camera love?

Edith is just a giggly girl living her dream as the best actress in the world. Harry's in one direction (obvi) he is taking a risk and joins a small movie which Edith is in. They meet. Will Edith change? Will she give away her innocence? Or will she stay sting with her word? Ok guys so I just came up with this 5 minutes ago so sorry if its bad. Ummm I love comments! But please give me ideas for this fanfic. Thanks I love you guys!


4. A/N

Hey guys should I turn this into a Niall fanfic? Leave your vote! Say harry if u want it to be a harry fanfic or say Niall if you want her to date Niall so it would turn into a Niall fanfic. Ok please coment and tell me! -bri 

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