A girl ......
One Chance ......
Can she change her life?
Laila McDonald has dreamt to be a singer she goes to college and joins a singing group but the one rule is that : They can Not Have Physical or Sexcual Contact with the other group of boys , TroubleMakers
Can she stop herself from falling in love with Troy or can she just forget about him?
*NoHate , please but constructive critiscm is great ! Thanks !;)* X


5. My Dorm Mate

I ran into the reception and rung the bell , the rude lady behind the desk 'started at me 'What?!" she spat. 'Ummm, hey my name is Laila McDonald and I am looking for my new dorm" She just turned back to her computer screen , her eyes bulging at the second , 'Dorm 3 , floor 1 , section 4' She handed me the key. 'First can I see some ID." I handed her my Id Cards , and she snatched them out my hand 'Alright All In Order. NEXT' She reached over her desk and pushed me . I ran throughinto my dorm , sat down at one of the desks and started writing in my diary ; 

Tuesday 8th September 2013 , .................



rubyhorans note

Chloe finish this chapter<3.


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