A girl ......
One Chance ......
Can she change her life?
Laila McDonald has dreamt to be a singer she goes to college and joins a singing group but the one rule is that : They can Not Have Physical or Sexcual Contact with the other group of boys , TroubleMakers
Can she stop herself from falling in love with Troy or can she just forget about him?
*NoHate , please but constructive critiscm is great ! Thanks !;)* X


3. Leaving Day

At around 6:30 to 7:00 my dad woke me up , the first time he tried I just rolled over and put my pillow over my head . On the 8th time my dad tried to wake me up, he poured water all over my head "WAKE UP!" Dad shouted . I shot up like THAT! "Okay , Okay, I am up!" It took me 2 hours to get ready because my hair got REALLY frizzy ! "Hurry Up , Laila!" Dad shouted up the stairs. Then I heard a knock on the door . It was my little sister -Mel. "What Mel?!" I shoutednat her while opening the door. 

"Hurry up and get ready!Dad keeps waking me up!" Mel Screamed at  me! i just shut shut the door in her face! 

"Eurgh! Loser!" I said while picking out what shade of make-up to take with me . Later on when I was having breakfast my mom came downstairs , not crying (For Once) and kissed me straight on my cheek , "Eurgh , get of mom!" I said while nudging her of my shoulder. Eurgh , get of mom!" Mom said mockingly. "Look , Laila just hurry up it takes 3 hours to get to Alpha , amd you have me there by 1:30, its already11:00!" 

I ran backup into my roompacked my last box , turmed of my lights and said goodbye to Mel and Lucy(Mentioned Later ) and kissed mom . Its time to grow up!

I put my boxes into the trunk and my dad drove me of to Alpha College ! 

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