A girl ......
One Chance ......
Can she change her life?
Laila McDonald has dreamt to be a singer she goes to college and joins a singing group but the one rule is that : They can Not Have Physical or Sexcual Contact with the other group of boys , TroubleMakers
Can she stop herself from falling in love with Troy or can she just forget about him?
*NoHate , please but constructive critiscm is great ! Thanks !;)* X


6. Diary

Tuesday 8th September 2013

Dear Diary,

Today as been err, how do I put it? Good but bad! When I got up it was normal. Get washed, dressed the usual.When I got to Alpha collage I bumped into this girl -who weres way to much make up!- She was properly going to call me names if this boy named Troy hadn't came over and saved me! He was sooooo cute! Brown hair and blue eyes. When I went to the reception kind of place to get my key the person who worked there was really mean! She snatched my I D card and the pushed me and yelled 'NEXT' I mean who dose that!!? Then I came in hear and started writing in this!


I was about end the diary when that that girl who was being mean to me walked in "WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN HEAR!!" she yelled

"This is my dorm!" 

"WHAT! This is my dorm! That means..." she hesitated "were room mates..."

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