A girl ......
One Chance ......
Can she change her life?
Laila McDonald has dreamt to be a singer she goes to college and joins a singing group but the one rule is that : They can Not Have Physical or Sexcual Contact with the other group of boys , TroubleMakers
Can she stop herself from falling in love with Troy or can she just forget about him?
*NoHate , please but constructive critiscm is great ! Thanks !;)* X


4. Arriving

The car pulled up in the Alpha car park, I can't believe i was getting away from my family! I was late, half an hour, there was a lot of traffic. When i got on the grounds all the students were there acting like nothing! What! So we were all late, i pulled out my leaflet about the collage and read: Alpha collage starts at three pm....

Well that was just Luck! I got hear at  2 pm! I walked along the path when i tripped, "WATCH WERE YOUR GOING!" Yelled a girl, I was guessing she was the 'little Miss Perfect' "Sorry, it's my fault!" I apologized,


"No need to be like that Kristin!" A boy with brown hair said, the girl, Kristin, started playing with her hair

"Oh sorry Troy!" She walked off and scold at me!

"Sorry about Kristin, she can get a bit out of hand these days!" he said and laughed,

"It's ok! I'm guessing shes 'little Miss Perfect'!" I said,

"Ya! She's always like that!" He said and smiled, "I'm Troy and you are?"


"Until we met again!" He laughed and kissed my hand. Then walked off...

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