She stole Niall's heart

Niall horan ( one direction ) falls in love with his new neighbour from france. The girl has everything wrong about her life but that doesn't stop Niall from loving her. But the girl gets diagnosed with cancer. Niall starts to spend more time with her than the boys. The boys dont like that because they need to start rehearsing for the tour and niall still wouldnt turn up to practices. the boys nearly kick Niall out until Niall gets a phonecall saying some DRAMATIC about his girlfriend happend.


1. Chapter 1

It was only 9am on the weekend, and Niall, Harry, Louis, Zayn and Liam were hanging out at Niall's house in London. They trying to think of ways to start their concert and the song order. But then everyone looked at Niall while he was staring at the window and the neighbors. Niall was not concentrating on the band he was more concentrated on the new neighbors. The boys looked out the window and couldn't find out why Niall was concentrating on the neighbors.


Niall actually started to focus back in but a few seconds later he heard "I HATE YOU MUM, WHY DO YOU ALWAYS WRECK MY LIFE'. Niall looked back out the window and saw a girl crying out on the drive way. Niall asked the boys if he could reschedule for next weekend. so the boys left and Niall went and asked the girl of she would want to come in for a drink and a snack. 



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