Little Irish

Kimberly Horan is the little girl of Beth and Niall. Niall and Beth met on the streets of Dublin, Ireland and fell head o er heels for each other. As Niall tours the world with One direction Kimberly is back in Ireland with her mom beth living her passion of Irish dancing. When niall finally comes home for Christmas to spend time with his family will Beth think that he is spending to much time on tour and not with Kimberly? and how much hes missing of her dancing life? What happens when Niall isnt at her dance recital? Will this loving family go from one direction to different ones? Find out in little irish


1. Missing you

Beth's P.O.V

Flashback moment

" Ahhhhh I heard Kimberly scream as Niall held her in a piggyback ride running down the hill. Smiles came across our faces as Niall ran into me and we were suddenly all on the ground laughing. He looked at me and then we both looked at Kimberly who seemed to be getting tired. "I'll take her up to bed Niall said as we made our way back to the house. As-- " 

"Mummy, Mummmmmyyy! MUMMMYYYYYY!!!!"

Woah...NUGGETS! I did it again I whispered to myself. See ever since Niall left to go on tour I've been having these random flashback moments. I think it's because I really, really, really miss him! Luckly Christmas is only a week away and my baby Nialler will be home soo we than we know it!---


What is it Kimberly? I asked her sweetly. "Um do you know where my dance shoes are?!?!?" Right! How could I forget! Kimberly  had dance after school today. I'm glad she reminded me, Never would I ever had remembered that. Ummm look in the closet I told her with a smile. She then slowly walked down the hall. "FOUND THEMMM! She loudly yelled across the house." I laughed and just responded with an 'okay'. 

It was morning and I was getting Kimbo (Kimberly's nickname Niall gave to her. Cute right!:)) ready for school. "It's 7:50" she shouted. Ugh we were going to be late! We quickly rushed info the car and drove off to Mullingar Elementary.


omg thank you guys for reading my first movella chapter! I'm so exicted to write more and don't forget to leave reviews!!! Any suggestions? Thanks . Amanda x 

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