Little Irish

Kimberly Horan is the little girl of Beth and Niall. Niall and Beth met on the streets of Dublin, Ireland and fell head o er heels for each other. As Niall tours the world with One direction Kimberly is back in Ireland with her mom beth living her passion of Irish dancing. When niall finally comes home for Christmas to spend time with his family will Beth think that he is spending to much time on tour and not with Kimberly? and how much hes missing of her dancing life? What happens when Niall isnt at her dance recital? Will this loving family go from one direction to different ones? Find out in little irish


2. Come Home

Beth's P.O.V


As we hopped in the car I immediately turned on the radio to 103 FM. Then as soon as the first note of the song played Kimberly and I looked at each other with a huge grin on our face. This song wasn't just any song, It was One Direction's song! 

" Oh I just wanna take you anywhere that you like
We can go out any day any night
Baby I'll take you there take you there
Baby I'll take you there, there"

"Oh tell me tell me tell me how to turn your love on
You can get get anything that you want
Baby just shout it out shout it out
Baby just shout it out"

"And if you
You want me to
Lets make a move, yeah"

"So tell me girl if every time we"

You get this kinda rush.
Let me say yea a yeah a yeah yeah a yeah

If you don't wanna take this slow
If you just wanna take me home
Let me say yeah a yeah a yeah yeah a yeah
And let me kiss you"

"Oh baby, baby don't you know you got what I need
Lookin' so good from your head to your feet
C'mon come over here over here
C'mon come over here yeah"


We both sang together, Mum and daughter as we danced around like fools! But then the voice of sexy mf angles came, the voice that gave me goose bumps every time I heard that voice sing. ( In a good way(:)  

This voice belonged to my baby Niall James Horan!!!!! Kimberly and I suddenly stopped singing, for which we both know why. Aghhhh It gave me the FEELS :) just listening to it. 


"Oh I just wanna show you off to all of my friends
Makin' them drool down their chiney chin chins
Baby be mine tonight, mine tonight
Baby be mine tonight yeah"


"Ohhhh my goodness!"  Kimberly squeals, "I just love the way dad says Chiney chin chins!!" I feel the same way, me too baby. I responded. Surprisingly we had arrived at the school. I quickly said the usual goodbye to Kimbo before she left. BYEEE Kimberly! have a good day today, Love you!! I told her while she was walking to the door. "Love you to Mum! Slán" (goodbye in Irish) I sighed to myself watching her walk up the stairs and into the school. Well Im now off to work, Thank goodness I get off early to watch Kimbo dance at her dance lessons today. I'm super excited due to the fact that I haven't had any chance to watch her lately. Though all I could think of right now is Niall. The name kept on repeating in my head, NIALL, NIALL, NIALL, NIALL, NIALL, NIALL, NIALL, NIALL, NIALL ,NIALL! (not that I don't like it) Everywhere I go I would imagine NIALL! NIALL! NIALL! What I think Im trying to say is..... Niall, baby..... I really, really miss you!


Hahah gettin' a little interesting! Im so sorry that I haven't updated in a while, Its because of school and all this homework and sports! I promise that I will update more often! please leave reviews about suggestions, if you like it so far, and just anything! Thank you soooo much. Love ya!   -Amanda xx




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