Fighting for you

Lacey Jones has had a horrible life after her mother died and she was forced to live with her alcoholic, absuive father. One day, he steals all of her money she was keeping in the bank to save up for a One Direction concert to buy illegal drugs, and more alcohol. She had enough, so finally leaves and meets One Direction. They bring her back to the tour bus, and all instantly fall in love with her. Once she makes her pick, though love isn't neccesarly easy for her. Will she be able to put her walls down and openly love somebody with her full heart, or will she always be scared of what could happen?


4. You get to pick?

What I saw was a cut that went almost all the way down my spine, and bruises surrounding it.  

"What is that? Omg is everything okay?", Louis asked absolutely freaking. 

"Louis, calm's what my dad did the day I ran away. Trust me it's fine...", I responded. 

"Babe. That is not fine!!!", Louis yelled this time. 

"Louis...I'm fine!", I said hugging him. 

"Damn. I want a hug when she's in a bikini....", Harry mumbled, thinking I wouldn't be able to hear him. 


I got changed back into the clothes I was wearing, and we left. 

"Thanks guys! I love you ALLL", I said as we finally got back on the tour bus. 

"No big deal!", Liam said as I awkwardly hugged him.  God, was he hot! 

So was Zayn, and Niall, and Louis, and Harry. Oh god, they all were, and they all liked me too.  How was I. Ever going to pick?


"so, Lacey we all like you..a lot!", Niall started as I was sitting on the couch, them all crowded around me. 

"But you can only have one of us...", Liam added.

"so, you have to pick...", Niall continued. 

"But, I'm going to prove to you that I'm the best", Zayn said flashing me a sexy smile and I caught my cheeks getting hot. 

"No, that's not how it works Zayn!", Louis interjected. 

"It goes like this: Lacey gets to pick, and we can't get mad or let this get between us- deal?", he added. 

"Ok sounds good but how can I pick?  I mean lets face it, you're all hot and...but  I have to pick", I said stumbling on my words as Harry flashed me a really sexy look. 


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