Fighting for you

Lacey Jones has had a horrible life after her mother died and she was forced to live with her alcoholic, absuive father. One day, he steals all of her money she was keeping in the bank to save up for a One Direction concert to buy illegal drugs, and more alcohol. She had enough, so finally leaves and meets One Direction. They bring her back to the tour bus, and all instantly fall in love with her. Once she makes her pick, though love isn't neccesarly easy for her. Will she be able to put her walls down and openly love somebody with her full heart, or will she always be scared of what could happen?


9. Tour ends

The tour just ended, and Louis is unlocking the door to his flat where I will be staying, too.

"It's not much but....", he said pushing the door open, and my jaw dropped.

"What the hell are you talking about?!", I said.  "This is AHMAZINGGGGGGG!", I said and he laughed.

we went to bed soon after, because we were extremely tired for tour, especially Louis.


The next morning, when I woke up Louis wasn't right next to me like he was the night before.

I knew he was probably in the kitchen, or something so I began to undress, unhooking my bra and letting it fling to the floor first.

Then, Louis opened the door, seeing my bare chest.

He close the door a few seconds later.

"Oh my god babe, I feel horrible!", he said outside the door and I though he might start crying.  I finished to get dressed, then opened the door to find Louis sitting on the couch.

"Look, I'm soo sorry for invading your privacy like that ...", he said.

"Louis, it's okay, it's fine you were gonna see that sooner or later babe and it was just an accident"? I said feeling a bit embarrassed.

"Okay", he said hugging me.

then, I kissed him and we made out on the couch.  I could tell Louis was struggling to hold back, because I had to pull away and he had a bit of an erection.

"I love you!", he told me afterwards like e did everytime.

"I love you more!", I told him.

"I know, but I love you more!", he told me.

"I know you know that, but I love you way more!", I told him.

"Nope, I love you waaaaaaay more!", he responded.

"Im not gonna win, am I?", I said basically giving up.

"Nope, never", he said smiling at me.

 "You know, you are so beautiful. I'm the luckiest guy in the world", he said putting his arm around me.

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