Fighting for you

Lacey Jones has had a horrible life after her mother died and she was forced to live with her alcoholic, absuive father. One day, he steals all of her money she was keeping in the bank to save up for a One Direction concert to buy illegal drugs, and more alcohol. She had enough, so finally leaves and meets One Direction. They bring her back to the tour bus, and all instantly fall in love with her. Once she makes her pick, though love isn't neccesarly easy for her. Will she be able to put her walls down and openly love somebody with her full heart, or will she always be scared of what could happen?


8. Our first <3

We finally arrived at a fancy restaurant.

"You look beautiful like always!", Louis told me as we sat down.

"Thanks Lou, you look hot like always", I told him.

"Listen, I know you have boundaries,  but it's killing me not being able to kiss you.  Are you ready for that, I mean if you're not in i understand, but...", he said and I interrupted him with a kiss.

"Um..that was amazing!", he said pilling away finally.

"Yes it was", I said.  "Louis, you make me feel safe", I told him once the drinks and appetizers arrived.

He smiled at me, resting his hand in my knee.

"Im glad, your my everything so..", He told me.

we finished up with dinner, then headed back to the tour bus where we cuddled, watching movies.  This time, however I fell asleep in his arms.

The next morning, I woke up and saw that he was awake, still holding me.

"I wanna protect you babe!", he said holding me closer.

then, we kissed, actually made out, our first time making out.  No, we didn't go all the way, I knew he was ready for that, but everything about sex scared me.  You can blame my father for that.

"LACEY, LOUIS! GET A ROOM!", Niall yelled and we pulled away.

Louis' face got bright red, like a tomato.

"Real mature Niall!", Louis finally said.

"Ok so were going swimming if you guys wanna come?", Harry asked entering the conversation.

"Lets go!", I said to Louis then getting changed into my bikini.

"Okay, everyone ready?", Liam asked.

"I think we're set", Louis said hugging me.

Ehen we got down to the beach, Louis scooped me up, and threw me into the water.

i laughed, saying "Louis William Tomlinson, you are so on!" splashing him too.

"Oh so you wanna be like that now". He said splashing me back.

"You know you like it, take that", I said splashing him again.

we splashed for awhile longer, then kissed in the water.


After a magical day at the beach, we headed back and Harry made tacos for dinner, his specialty.

"I love you.....", Louis said tucking me into bed.

" not...I love you", I said.

"Lacey, what are you saying?", he asked me.

"No, i mean I love you!", I assured him.

"Then why are you being hesitant?", he demanded.

"Louis, I just feel like...Im holding you back", I said.

"Babe what do you mean?", he said confused.

"Like I'm not ready to go all the way yet, but you are and I feel like you...I don't know", I stated.

"LACEY! I don't care if we don't go all the way until you are ready, as long as I have you by my side, and nobody else I'm perfectly fine, you know I perfectly accept your boundaries because of what had happened in your past, but I also want to show you that making love doesn't have to be scary, it's a beautiful thing when two people love each other, as much as I love you, bit I am willing to wait until you are ready because I want you to feel comfortable, and I love you!".  He told me.

"I love you too! And can you...sleep with me tonight?", I asked him.

"Gladly!", he said crawling in next to me.

the only thing we did was cuddle, talk and kiss, but it was still nice, and just what I wanted.






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