Fighting for you

Lacey Jones has had a horrible life after her mother died and she was forced to live with her alcoholic, absuive father. One day, he steals all of her money she was keeping in the bank to save up for a One Direction concert to buy illegal drugs, and more alcohol. She had enough, so finally leaves and meets One Direction. They bring her back to the tour bus, and all instantly fall in love with her. Once she makes her pick, though love isn't neccesarly easy for her. Will she be able to put her walls down and openly love somebody with her full heart, or will she always be scared of what could happen?


5. Management involved

I woke up the next morning, screaming and crying.  
Louis and Liam rushed to my bedside a.most instantly. 
"Lacey, are you alright....", Liam asked and I began to cry harder. 
"Ssh it's alright", Louis said inching towards me and soon hugging me tight.  I was scared, at first because I felt so vulnerable.  I knew if he wanted to, he could rape me right now, easily but I came to the realization that these boys are all safe, and there was no need to worry.
"What is it?", Louis whispered as I snuggled up to him.
"I...had a nightmare a horrible one", I stated feeling about 4 years old.
They paused and gave me time to continue.
"My dad was there, and he...killed you all and he kidnapped me and made me his personal slave for the rest of my life and then killed me before he died.  It was awful!", I said tears rushing down my face. 
"Lacey, we will protect you.  I will protect you, and I'm not going to let anything bad happen to you ever again, okay?", he said assuring me.
"Okay", I said faintly actually believing him.
I trusted Louis the most now.  

Then, I finally got out of bed and got dressed after Louis and Liam left the room. 
"We have a huge show tonight! Guys, we have to make this perfect and try our best to...", a voice said as I entered the room.
"Oh, hey Lacey", Zayn said as I entered the room.
"Hi", I said politely,
"This is Paul.......our manager",Harry explained.
"Hi, I'm Lacey....", I said shaking his hand.
"Paul, it's nice to meet Zayn's girlfriend finally.
"What?", I said.
"Oh no, Paul she isn't my girlfriend I wish she was, but she isn't.", Zayn explained.
"Oh..well the whole world seems to think so, but anyways then who is she?", Paul responded.
"She is a girl who....needed us.  Paul, Louis found this beautiful girl outside in the pouring rain running away from her extremely absuive father and it's the least we can do to help.  Plus, were all kinda in love with her", Niall explained using his people talkingskills really well this time.

"I...boys, you know this is against management, but I don't think I can make you leave her all alone, so I'll say it's okay as long as you don't let the fact that only one of you, or none of you can end up with her romantically do anything to tear apart the band", he explained.
"Thank you, Paul!", the boys all said in unison hugging him.

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