Fighting for you

Lacey Jones has had a horrible life after her mother died and she was forced to live with her alcoholic, absuive father. One day, he steals all of her money she was keeping in the bank to save up for a One Direction concert to buy illegal drugs, and more alcohol. She had enough, so finally leaves and meets One Direction. They bring her back to the tour bus, and all instantly fall in love with her. Once she makes her pick, though love isn't neccesarly easy for her. Will she be able to put her walls down and openly love somebody with her full heart, or will she always be scared of what could happen?


1. Enough!

My name?  Lacey Marie Jones.  Don't wear it out, though because one day, i'll be somebody.

"Lacey, stop dreaming, you are a nobody and always will be.  You live alone with your abusive alcoholic shit load of a father, because your mother died.  Okay, so you have trust issues, but that isn't your fault.  You don't like being around guys because of what your dad does to you when he comes home drunk late at night: he rapes you and you just wanna crawl up and die, but you can't because your mother always said "one day, we will get out. We will leave him, and live a life on our own, a hell of a good life, too", she used to tell me when she got raped by my father.  I owed this to her, I know i did and I was going to do everything to do tihs for myself, too.

So, this is my story, and how I met the only people who understood me the way no one else ever would.


I was sitting in my room, too scared to fall asleep and then I heard my father stumple in.  Knowing he was drunk, I was really scared and tried to calm myself down by singing One Direction lyrics over and over again in my head.

He slammed the door, then opening mine.

"Get over here you filthy slut!", he yelled forcefully pulling me from my bed.

 "Noo stop!", I yelled, like I do everytime, hopelessly trying to stop him from going any further.

"You are such a whore, you know that?  You're ugly, too and infact you don't even deserve to live!", he yelled hitting me as hard as he could until my body was numb from the pain, scremaing these horrible things I have all heard before, try every night over and over again.  Why didn't I just end my life when my mom had died?  Why do I always have to be so fucking stupid?

"You're not gonna answer me?", he thretened, pulling out a knife from his back pocket.

"No, please don't.." I said but it was all too late.  He cut my back several times, and I could feel the blood, feeling dizy.

"You know all that money you were saving for that fucking gay retarted band who should just all be killed anyways, well I useed it.  Spent it alll", he said.

But that was it!  I don't know how it happened, but I was totally done, and finally found the strenght to just run out of that room, with all of my might and keep running, feeling my lungs burning, telling me to stop but I knew my dad was right behind me, and that was the motivaton that kept me running.

Finally, I outran him after about 20 minutes of terror, and I sat near a garbage can, shielding myself from the rain the best I could when I heard footsteps.

"Man, i'll go get it", A very sexy voice said, one that sounded awfully familiar.  I hid though, not wanting to be seen.  I saw the feet chase the soccer ball, then it rolled towards me and he turned the corner.

I sae, It was Louis freakng Tomlinson.

"Oh my god...are you ok?", he said helpng me up.  I started shaking and crying, so he gave me a hug.

"Here, come with the tour bus so you can get cleaned up", he said, then grabbing my hand.

"Oh, and I might ask, are you alright?", he said with those blue eyes staring into mine.

"No, but...I'm not ready to talk about it", I said as we headed into the bus.

"Ok, but when you are i'm here", he assured me.

When I entered, Zayn first turned to me.

"And what sort of time do you call thi...whoa",  Liam said pausing as he saw me.

"Listen boys, this girl..she needs us.  Can we please keep her?", Louis said.

They all agreed, and Louis handed me some clothes, giving me a hug.

"Its gonna be alright, I promise you", he said.

"Thanks", I responded, trying not to sound overly-fangirly.

While I was getting changed, I could overhear the boys talking. 

"Yes, I call dips!", Harrry responded.

"We aren't calling dips Harry!", Zayn yelled.

"And why's that?", Harry asked.

"Because I want her", Zayn responded.

"What? But I do too", Lian responded.

"Nope, I think I do more", Niall said.

"GUYS! We're not calling her, she's a woman, not property. She should get to choose, and did you forget that I found her outside, in the cold and rain?", Louis explained.

I entered the room, in an oversized shirt that smelled like Louis, and a pair of sweats that were prettty big, too.

"Hi", Harry said, and so did the others.

"Hello", I said.

"W..what happened/", Liam asked inching closer to me, and I leaned in, giving him a hug, him blushing.

"Well, you see what happened was..", I started tearing up a bit.




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