The Girl Nicknamed " No One "

A normal person is how most people start out...Right?
Or maybe a girl with scars from her childhood life that was flashed.
Once 6 year old Marina grew up since day one at school called " No One " Because no one seemed to like her because she was simply, in their eyes, " Ugly ".
Now she is 15 and how will this once nickname turn into a disaster?


1. Seen To Be Forgotten

Confident as she was, Marina brightly walked into CrossDove Elementary school. As an average girl, everything for the whole day unfolded like everyone else. She took her seat, had fun, and made friends. Sounds normal right? Because that is all Marina wanted to be.... At recess, she played around with all of her friends, but little did all of them know that Marina's body held a dark secret. As her skirt flew a little past her knees, everyone's eyes grew big and disgusted. ( FLASHBACK ) At age 3, Marina lived with her only parent, Ann ( Mother ). As days go by, Ann struggles with deep depression and stress because Marina's father had left them. That left the family broken in tragedy while the mourning days go by. The only way Ann could relieve her stress, yet make it worse at the same time, was to abuse her only child. Even though it was only one child, her mother found Marina as a big hindrance, a could be reason that her husband had left. Every day that Marina would be insight of Ann, she would throw objects nearby at her. One injury scarring Marina's whole life. On Marina's birthday, her mother had so much anger inside, that she threw a glass plate at Marina...... The room filled with screams of horror as Marina lay in her own puddles of blood. Her legs cut open as if thorns ripped through her skin, and her lip split as she tasted blood. Ann ran away, thinking that she would never be seen again. Marina was taken to the nearby orphanage where she tries to look forward to a bright future. ( FLASHBACK: END )

All of her friends saw her horrible scars that covered her calves and upper legs.... Frightened, they ran away screaming " MONSTER, UGLY, CREEPO, GET AWAY FROM ME BECAUSE YOU'RE A NO ONE " She fell to the ground wondering why her friends would say hurtful things to her like that, was there something wrong with her that she didn't understand? Days in the orphanage go by as the words " YOU'RE A NO ONE " echoed in her head. From that day on, she was a lonely child. No one played with her, no one liked her, no one even said a word to her. She thought all of this happened... Because she was " No One " That became her name outside of the orphanage. For 10 years and still going, Marina was called " No One ". It began to happen so often that she too, would believe it herself. All the anti depressants and all the therapy, none of it worked. She was alone... All alone.

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