The Girl Nicknamed " No One "

A normal person is how most people start out...Right?
Or maybe a girl with scars from her childhood life that was flashed.
Once 6 year old Marina grew up since day one at school called " No One " Because no one seemed to like her because she was simply, in their eyes, " Ugly ".
Now she is 15 and how will this once nickname turn into a disaster?


2. Love....

Love was is what most people yearn for, unless you counted the girl who was " No One ". Everyday and every year that Marina would grow older, she saw many people dying to have a love in their life. She thought in curiosity, " As if love is a need, how come they treat me the opposite of how they want to be treated? ". Did no one ever question the things they do to her? Marina never liked the word " love " because why should she give it if the meaning of it was so pointless. Marina had a childhood and teen-hood of a non loving environment, she wasn't exactly loved at her orphanage and was hated at her school. She had no contact with any of her family member either..... And all of these people still want " Love "? Marina looked at the world as selfish and ignorant, thus she didn't find any reason to talk to them.... since they don't even bother to talk to her.

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