New Experience

This story is about two girls that just graduated from eighth grade and are going to head off to high school. Two different high schools. Will these friends continue to be close or will bumps in the road break them apart.


2. Rebecca's First Day -Part One

I got in the car waiting for my mom to get in I just sat in the car staring at my school uniform. It was a maroon plaid skirt and maroon shirt with my school logo on it. My mom finally got in the car and we drove there, I was really nervous I was twitling with my fingers. I texted my best friend Brooklyn and said "are you ready for high school??" and she replied "hek no in about to crap my pants!!". We got there and my mom says "I hope you have a good day at school see you later" I closed the car door and he drove off. I started walking I when I got a text from Brooklyn saying" Hope you have a great first day ill FaceTime you later k" and   I got my schedule out of my locker and started walking down the hall with my binder and schedule in one hand and my phone in the other texting. I wasn't really paying attention where I was going until I realized I bumped into somebody and I was on floor. My binder and schedule fell out of my hands and I saw the person I bumped into he was captain of the football team.  He dropped his books to and I grabbed them for him and he did the same and he was looking at my schedule and he said "we have all the same classes wanna walk?" . I just replied"sure" and he asked"what's your name?" I said "Rebecca are you a freshman?" . He said " no I'm a sophomore are you a freshman?" I said "yea what's your name?" He replied "Riley" we continued talking till class started . I think Riley is a really good guy.

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