New Experience

This story is about two girls that just graduated from eighth grade and are going to head off to high school. Two different high schools. Will these friends continue to be close or will bumps in the road break them apart.


1. Brooklyn's First Day- Part One


To say I was nervous would be the biggest understatement of the century. Right now I am driving to Lake View High School. Well I'm not driving but my aunt, Jamie is driving.


I pull out my-recently bought-iPhone and text one of my old friends from Lake View Jr. High.


"I am so freaking nervous! How are you feeling?" I type.

"OMG me 2!! I can't help but giggle at her texting style.

"I'll call you after school. I'm here. Cross your fingers!"

"AHH same here. TTYL!"

After receiving her text message I slide my phone into the back pocket of my skinny jeans.


Overall I think I look decent. I'm wearing red floral shirt with a dark leather jacket and a pair of one of my favorite dark washed destroyed skinny jeans. For shoes I wear my black combat boots. My long hazel hair has soft curls with a waterfall braid. As for make up I have thin eyeliner on both my upper and lower eyelashes, as well as some mascara.


"Honey are you ok?" she asks as she pulls into a parking spot.

"Uh y-yeah I'm fine. Why do you ask?" I say a little to fast, stuttering for a moment.

"Well you have been biting your nails the whole way here. You have only bitten you nails when your nervous. Are you sure you okay?"

"Yeah I'm totally fine. I'll see you at three." I said lying through my teeth. I don't need to put more stress on her, by telling her I'm so nervous I might crap my pants. I can suck it up, like I have been these past five years.


I grab my cream crochet backpack and head towards the big bricked building in front of me. I try to walk confidently to the big glass double doors. I was doing completely fine until my body wanted to do a sudden gravity check on me. I stumble over my feet heading face first towards the ground. Well at least me and the floor will be close pals. I thought to myself. I close my eyes and get ready for impact, but I never seem to hit the ground. I open my eyes and see that I'm standing perfectly vertical and that somebodies arms are wrapped around my waist.


"You better be careful little miss. I wouldn't want you to hurt that pretty little face of yours."

"Um thanks. I totally would have face planted if you didn't grab me. Wouldn't that be something. First day of school and already I have bruises on my face. Not that I plan on getting any bruises on my face. It's not like I get beat up often. I would say I'm a pretty normal teenage girl but I almost face planted on the first day of school so I guess I'm not that normal, but-" He cuts my off by putting his hand over my mouth.


"Well aren't you the little talker." He said with a hearty laugh. "I'll talk to you later little miss." and with that he walked away.


Good job Brooklyn, you just completely embarrassed yourself in front of maybe the hottest guy ever. My inner voice tells me. Well I

guess it can only get better from here.



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