kiking with harry styles

erins searched all over the internet for famous harry styles' kik. she messages all of them but one seems to just feel special. is it really him? they become friends and they fall in love but cant tell each other! too many secrets could drive them apart...


4. wakin up

i woke up and harry was holding onto me. i wiggled out of his grip and went in the bathroom. my clothes were washed and folded. liam probably did that. hes the nicest.i put them on and did my hair and makeup. my hair brush and makeup were in my purse if you were wondering. i walked downstairs going through the living room. Michelle and niall were pasted out on the couch.i didn't bother waking them and went into another room with a telly. (TV) i walked in and saw Louis sitting there flipping through channels "hey" i said sitting next to him. "hey" he said scooting closer awkward  "whatcha watching?" i asked looking at the screen "nothing there's nothing on" he said flatly "can i look?" i said holding my hand out for the remote "be my guest" he said giving me the remote. i flipped through and found the titanic "what about this?" i asked looking over at him only to find he was watching me which made me really self conscious "umm" i said laughing looking down letting my hair fall to my face "whats wrong?" he said putting it behind my ear "nothing lets just watch the movie" i said turning away quickly gosh take a hint lou. i started watching and i could feel him watching me. i turned and said "what?" smiling and then he said "nothing your just so beautiful"  he started to lean in and i could see someone standing in the doorway and i hoped they would come sit but they didn't and he kept leaning and leaning and he stared at my lips and that's when i got the hint he wanted to kiss me. well i didn't want to kiss him! i like harry. i mean i really like harry! he put his hand on my cheek and went for it i quickly jerked away and walked out the door really fast.....he didn't follow. when i reached the doorway i bumped into harry. oh god"whats wrong?" he asked as if he didn't see anything "nothing" i said pushing past him and going in the kitchen this time harry followed me.i opened the fridge and grabbed a banana i love cold bananas i started to peel it and harry asked me yet again "what wrong love?" i looked at him for a second and said "nothing i just didn't want to kiss Louis   i started eating my banana "and why not?" he asked scrunching up his eyebrows "because i like someone else" i said looking at the ground "and who may that be?" he said smiling cheekily "nobody that concerns you!" i said walking out laughing "awwwww eeerrrrriiiiiinnnnnn pllleeaasseeeeeee teeeeelll meeeeee" he whined "nah" i said sitting next to Michelle and niall who were now awake "well good morning  i said to Michelle "ugh don't speak its to early and hey! where  you get makeup?" she asked looking in the mirror "in my purse in the bathroom help yourself" i said grabbing some of the popcorn while michelle walked away  "ew" i said spitting it into a tissue "don't like my popcorn?" niall asked sitting up "its stale" i said feeling bad "so whats going on between you and Michelle " i asked looking at him "oh uh i don't know" he said rubbing the back of his neck "do you like her?" i asked really wanting to know if he told me i was obviously going to tell her he didn't say anything just looked away "i wont tell" i said leaning over "maybe" he said blushing "you do!" i said playfuly punching him in the arm "just don't tell her ok?" he said getting up "right" i said smiling then i walked over to the bathroom only to bump into harry "hey your always walking really fast ya know" he said laughing "sorry haha well you always in my way" i said looking at his chest it was so muscular "like what ya see?" he said noticing me staring "what oh uh sorry" i said blushing and pushing past him he followed me "guess what" i said sitting on his bed "what?" he said sitting next to me "niall likes Michelle but you didn't hear it from me!" i said softly so niall wouldn't hear "oh yeah i already knew that" he said putting his hand right next to mine. "why didn't you tell me?" i asked looking over at him. "niall said i couldn't hes just not ready for Michelle to know" "she doesn't  i said with no emotion "why do you say that?" he asked moving his hand closer "she just doesn't see that kind of stuff she thinks niall is her friend" i said nervous "oh friend zone" he said smiling "no Michelle likes to be friends first " i said looking in his gorgeous eyes "so do i" i said slowly he slowly took my hand and i let him it felt like sparks were flying i let him hold my hand and he said "were friends right?" he got really close to me and i just couldn't control myself i just leaned in and kissed him! it felt amazing! his lips moved in sinc with mine and it was like we were made for each other. i quickly pulled away and said "oh my god i'm so sorry! i have to go like now bye" i said running out grabbing Michelle and my things i called a cab and it was there in seconds i ran out the door and Michelle followed we jumped into the cab with harry running out the front door after me he couldn't catch me though we were on our way to the airport. i was going home. "what was that about?" michelle asked confused she only had one eye makeup done "i kissed harry" i said looking out the window "then what?" she asked "he kissed me back" i said not looking at her "then whats the problem?" she asked confused "it was embarrassing  were friends nothing more!" i said braking down "he doesn't even like me!" i said almost in tears "yes he does!" Michelle said scrunching her eyebrows "niall showed me some messages and all he ever talks about is you! hes in love with you but wont admit it your the love of his life he'd be nothing without you he needs you" she said hugging me "really?" i asked pulling away "really" she said reassuring me "well were still going home were out of clothes anyway" i said said sitting up "poop" she said looking out the window "so hows niall?" i asked smiling "uh good? why do you ask?" she said looking at me "because he likes you and i wasn't supposed to tell you so act like you don't know ok?" i said quickly "ok" she said smiling huge we both got comfy and fell asleep it was a long drive until the airport.

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