kiking with harry styles

erins searched all over the internet for famous harry styles' kik. she messages all of them but one seems to just feel special. is it really him? they become friends and they fall in love but cant tell each other! too many secrets could drive them apart...


3. sleepover!

the security guard lead us through some hallways and to a rather large door. it was clean and white. we walked in and there was a giant TV and some red leather couches and white carpet with white-ish walls. "well i could get used to this" Michelle said walking in and plopping on one of couches "and a snack machine!" Michelle said running over to it and putting a one dollar bill in. i sat on the couch and fumed for the remote. i couldn't find it so i just played on my phone. me and Michelle just sat there for what seemed forever and i had played so many games on my phone that my thumbs hurt. "ok where is the remote" i said looking at Michelle "i don't know" she said smiling i knew she had it "give it" i said lifting my eyebrows "what are you talking about" she said getting up "the remote i know you have it you little butt turd" i said walking over to her and tickling her she laughed so loud! "owwwwww that hurts Erin i don't have it!" "yes you do!" i practicably screamed trying not to laugh but failing then she tickle me back and i started running around the room almost knocking a lamp over we were running and laughing and i was running past the door when it swigged open hitting me in the head "SAVAGE!" i screamed and started chasing Michelle again "what?" liam said sitting on the couch i sat down next to him rather far hoping harry would sit with me "oh never mind" i said out of breath "well aren't you gonna say hi?" harry said with his arms open "oh yeah haha" i said getting up and hugging him. he smelt amazing! we hugged and he put his head in the crook of my neck and luckily i was wearing perfume so he didn't smell anything bad that would be bad. "ahem" liam said clearing his throat we were hugging for a little too long i guess....we all sat on the couch and the boys told us all about the crazy fans they met today "and there was really pretty girl and her name was Erin and i got to hug her and she had a friend with her and she was nice to but i think one of our other band members like her friend" harry said "thank you captain obvious"' niall said sitting with Michelle the boys found the remote and started a movie because we had to wait until the fans cleared out to leave. conversation faded and it was mostly just me and harry whispering to each other. "so what do you do tonight?" i asked harry leaning into him so i didn't disturb the other's movie watching "you" he said laughing "oh OK sounds fun" i said laughing and playfully punching him in the arm "when will the fans be gone" i asked really bored " "in about half an hour." he said looking me directly into the eyes making me want to melt "oh well what are we gonna do for a half hour?" i asked scrunching up my eyebrows "i don't know" he said "and stop scrunching your eyebrows your gonna put a wrinkle in that pretty little face of yours" he said turning away i was blushing like crazy and it was embarrassing  i hated it when i blushed i turned to the other boys and lou shouted "aww haz you made her blush! what'd you do kiss her?" he said laughing "no!" he said quickly i guess he didn't want to kiss me i guess he just saw me as another fan when i saw him as a friend. i started to watch the movie again and he whispered in my ear "did i really make you blush when i said that?" i whispered back "maybe a little" and started to watch the movie me and harrys hands were really close i moved mine about a cm closer to his and he moved his an inch closer to mine our pinkies were about to touch and i brushed my skin with his. he took his pinkie under mine and our pinkies were tangled together but i guess that wasn't far enough for harry. he very slowly dragged his whole hand under mine and wrapped his rather large finders around my palms i  held onto his fingers to. they soft and sweaty. was he nervous? oh please harry styles nervous  pssh no! the movie ended and i looked over at him  and he quickly took his hand away i moved mine to so it wouldn't be so awkward. "wanna hang out at my place?" he said loudly inviting everyone. "sure" everyone replied we walked by some halls and me and harry were walking silently side by side. our hands kept brushing together but i didn't dare make the first move and he didn't notice. i guess what happened in there was a mistake.we got to parking lot and hopped in a car. there wasn't enough room for me and Louis so we drove sepretly we got in and it was pretty quiet until he said "so what do you think of harry?" he said it really casually "oh i don't know hes nice and cute but i don't know" i said flatly trying not to give much away. "oh" he said sadly "oh?" i said mocking him questionably "well you seem to trust him a lot more then us." he paused "you know he thinks very fondly of you" he said focusing on the road "how so" i said looking at him " well for one thing hes always talking about you" "really?" i asked really wanting to know then we pulled into the driveway and he said "well i couldn't tell you that now could i but why don't you ask him yourself hes there on the steps waiting for you"and sure enough i looked over and there he was sitting on the porch waiting for me though i wasn't sure i walked up and he stood up "hey beautiful"  he said smiling i looked back at lou and he just winked "hey" i said smiling back "everyone's in the living room but we don't have to hang with them you don't want to" again i looked back t lou for guidance but he wasn't paying attention i really think i can trust lou with my feelings. "uh no lets hang out them" "ok" he said leading me into the living room "lets play truth or dare" lou said from behind us almost as if on que "ok" everyone agreed we all sat in a circle  and started asking some questions "Erin truth or dare?" zayn said giving me an evil grin i didn't want these boys thinking i was wimp so i said "dare" " ok i dare to you to kiss harry" he said laughing. my eyes got big and harry was looking at me "you dont have to" harry said looking at the floor "i'm not a wimp i can do it" i got really close to him and slowly we both leaning our heads into each other since this wasn't a real kiss i made it quick and just pecked him on the lips for a second or two. we pulled away and everyone was staring at us with wide eyes. i don't know why but that just felt so right for some reason. oh well we were only friends so it meant nothing to me i should just forget about it. we played truth or dare and the boys didn't make me do anything special. i got really tired and harry noticed "wanna go upstairs?" he asked me. "please" i said quietly we got up and he lead me to his room.  he threw a t-shirt and some over sized pj pant i went into the bathroom and got changed i came out and said "where will i be sleeping?" and he said " here with me...if that ok?" he said rushing the last part "ok" i said climbing into bed. we turned seprete way and fell asleep. i felt like the happiest girl alive.

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