kiking with harry styles

erins searched all over the internet for famous harry styles' kik. she messages all of them but one seems to just feel special. is it really him? they become friends and they fall in love but cant tell each other! too many secrets could drive them apart...


2. he is real!

********next  day after school************

i got home and all i could think of was that convo with "harry" i don't believe its him but at the the same time i do. confusing i know! i got on my ipod because kik is on my ipod not my phone. i typed this message and it said 

ERIN: if your real then you have to prove it 

it should be about 8:00 in Britain so i know he probiley has his phone with him

HARRY: ok how should i do that? :)

ERIN: well first of all stop using all those smilies its creeping me out

HARRY: sorry.....?

ERIN: post on twitter and be like "hello world i love cheese and my band mates are secretly robots!!"

HARRY: haha ok then.

i waited about 5 mins then got on twitter and clicked on his profile. sure enough he had posted it did i believe him now? i don't know. then my ipod buzzed

HARRY: believe me now? 

ERIN: ...nope

HARRY: and why not?

ERIN: because why would HARRY STYLES be talking to me?  

HARRY: why not?

ERIN: hmm very cheeky

HARRY: so how old are you?

ERIN: I'M 18

HARRY: i'm 19 but you probably already knew that...hah

ERIN:  yea

HARRY: i love talking to you but i have to go

ERIN: ok bye

and with that i turned off my ipod. i actually do think hes real. but no i don't have a crush on him! i like niall.  i think maybe we'll be friends i don't know 

********3 weeks later**********

well me and harry facetime and kik and text and everything hes really nice! hes probiley one of my best friends. i asked him for the opther boys kiks and i got them. ther really nice too but are kinda shy. i have no idea why though. i talked to my friend michelle and she said harry probily called dibs. do guys do that?  i doubt it. we have meet and greet tickets for tomarrow. her and niall have become close friends to not as close as me and harry but still pretty close. am i jelouse? little bit yeah but its ok she knows i like him and i know she would never do anything to hurt me. well i better get a good nights sleep because we have to fly to the meet and greet. the boys are exepting us early so we can see them first

*********in line at the meet and greet****

i stood in,line and no we were not first. a bunch of crazy girls camped out so we have about an hour wait. "ugggg i wish we had chairs" said michelle "we can sit on this curb" i said "ok" she said happy i guess she didn't see it there. the meet and greet was about to start and we saw a limo drive by. me and michelle stayed calm while all the other girls cheered. harry had his window rolled down and we made eye contact for about 6 seconds while he waved to me or to the fans i dont know. we had been waiting for about an hour and we were finally ther. i walked up the table and all the boys said "ERIN! MICHELLE!" " hey guys" i said smiling. they all stood up and gave me a hug. then we took pics. i stood next to harry and he squeezed my butt. i looked at him and he just laughed and i said "very cheeky styles" haha i loved it. we were walking out and security guard said "the boys want you to wait till after so you guys can hang out is that cool?" me and michelle looked at each other and nodded "that fine" michelle said i knew we were gonna have fun tonight

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