Losing You

"Don't forget me." I whispered to him. "Never. Bye Sara.... I will keep in touch." He whispered back. Those were the last words me before he left. My best friend left me when he was 16 to go to X-factor. He left me and broke his promise.


2. NO

"Shhh Blondes it will be okay." He whispered gently rocking me. Anger surged through me. I start to violently hitting his chest. 

"NO! Go away. I HATE YOU! Let me go! NO nothings okay!" I screamed. He let go and I looked at him. Tear flowed down his face. I ran inside. I went up the stairs into my old bathroom and texted Rubs and Lays.


Hey gurls come to me mums home. SOS. Its a emergency! Zayn is here.

I clicked send and they replied that they were on their way. I locked the door and cried. Thats when I heard a car door slam. "YOU WORTHLESS PRICK WHAT HAVE YOU DONE NOW?" I heard Rubs scream. I heard them all run up the stairs. "You have no idea what you did by showing up. Why would you assholes let her run to the bathroom?! You idiots." Lays yelled. I heard a slight knock on the door. "Babes its Frito Lays. Can I come in sugur?" She asked. " Yay." I replied quietly. She threw the door open and ran up to me. She jumped at me and hugged me. 

"TITS IN THE FACE!" I screamed she laughed. She helped me up. We walked downstairs to the living room to be greeted by 4 angry faces and 1 crying one. A boy with a buzz cut stood up.

"You bitch. How dare you say those things. All he has ever done is love you!" He screamed. I slapped him hard. His cheek instantly swelled and turned red.

"If he loved me then he would have stayed in touch. Like HE PROMISED! He broke my heart. He is a coincided asshole." I spat at him. Zayn sobbed harder. He got up.

"She's right boys we are leaving." He said. He walked past and pushed his way through. I pushed him back. We started to shove each other. I slapped him and he slapped me back. Soon we were fully hitting and punching each other.I took a random vase and threw it at him. I hit him in the jaw. Thats when he grabbed my arms and forcefully pressed me against the wall. Our faces inches apart. I felt his warm breath on my face. He pressed his perfect pink lips to mine. I kissed back. It soon got intense and I felt his tongue trace my bottom lip I let him in. I pushed him back so we were in the dining room. He sat on a chair. I stratled his legs. I felt him tug at the bottom of my shirt. I giggled and slapped his hands away. 

"Eh Zayn quit sucking her face off." The boy will curls said. We pulled apart. I saw the bruised and cuts on his neck, collar bone, face, and arms. I gasped. I looked into his eyes which were full of tears. 

Zayn's POV

She pulled away from our kiss. I looked at her. She had a faint purple burise across her cheek, her arms had dark bruises scattered along them her lip was split and her forehead bruised and bleeding. I started to cry.

"Zayn babe don't. If it makes you feel any better I gave you a worse beating." She laughed. I still felt horrible. I hit her. I was a monster. Niall looked at me in shock. Lou was off calming Liam down and probably getting a cold cloth for his face. Harry looked at me disaprovingly. I stood up and walked away. I was ashamed of myself. I felt a hand on my shoulder. "Li I don't need the fucking lecture right now." I spat while lighting a cigarette. 

"Its not Liam. " Harry said. I turned around. "Wow that's the innocent girl that you said you left behind 4 years ago?" 

"Yeah.. She changed. Hell of a lot more violent. She has her own style, I like it." I said, Harry laughed.

"Who are you kidding. You love it. I know you Zayn you want her badly." He said I chuckled.

"Haz I have always wanted her." I said.

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