Losing You

"Don't forget me." I whispered to him. "Never. Bye Sara.... I will keep in touch." He whispered back. Those were the last words me before he left. My best friend left me when he was 16 to go to X-factor. He left me and broke his promise.


1. 4 years to late

4 years ago

"Zayn.... Please don't go." I cried into his shoulder.

"Sara... Don't cry." He whispered.

"Don't forget me." I whispered.

"Never." He promised.

3 years ago

I sat on my bed and cried. He forgot about me, he left me alone. He promised to stay in touch but he never did. He broke that promise. It crushed me. Every time I see something that reminds me of him it makes me tear up, bawl my eyes out, or get angry.

2 years ago

UGGGG I'm crying again. Over who? Guess  Thats right the boy who broke my heart 2 years ago... Zayn Malik. He is now insanely popular. He is part of One Direction. Wooo! *Not the sarcasm. 

1 year ago

No. I am not crying. I've moved on. I'm over him. I am going to change. I will never love anyone again it only brings trouble. 

Present Day.

Over the past year I died my hair from blonde to black. I have several piercings. As well lets just say I'm the Bradford 'bad girl'. I have two best friends, Layla and Ruby. I call Layla Lays, and Ruby, Rubs. I felt my phone vibrate and pulled it out.

To Sara

From Mom

Hey Sara. Come home there is someone who I want you to see. :) 

I smiled at the text and slipped on my black converse, black skull leggings and my black skull shirt over. I put in my eyebrow piercing, 3 ear piercings and my nose piercing. I grabbed my keys and got into my white 4 door Jeep Wrangler. I drove down the road and turned onto my mums street. I pulled up and saw a silver Audi R5 and a black ranger rover in her drive way. Oh god the neighbors had a party again. I parked on the street and got out. I walked up to her door and walked in.

"MOM! SOME ASSHOLES ARE IN YOUR DRIVEWAY AGAIN! CAN I GO BEAT THEIR PRISSY ASS CARS DOWN FOR BEING THERE!" I screamed grabbing the baseball bat. Then 4 boys walked around the corner one was really worried.

"Please don't wreck my baby!" He screamed. I suddenly got really annoyed. I rolled my eyes and walk into the kitchen still holding the bat. I looked in and saw the one guy that I hated the most.

"Sara?" He asked.

"You. Get the fuck out! You have no right to come back here." I spit. He looks shocked. I raise the bat and step forward. He takes a step back. 

"Blondes lets talk... I'm sorry. I'm so sorry." He pleaded as he backed towards the door. He used to call me Blondes because of how bleach blonde my hair was.

"Sorry is a bit 4 years to late you stuck up BASTARD!" I screamed. We were now outside and I swung at him. He jumped back then I swung again. He dodged it again then grabbed the bat from me. He threw it across the lawn. I tried to punch him but he grabbed me wrist and spun me so my arms were crossed and I was in his grasp. I started to cry. My legs grew weak and I collapsed in sobs. He fell to the ground with me and held me close. I cried into his chest. I was so angry. He ruined me.

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