Friendships, Heartbreaks, and Love/Hates.

This is where i will write all my feelings and events that are important to me that i need to write.


8. May 9 2013

Dear Diary,

Well J.L. was dating another girl until yesterday cause his friend that liked her cried during lunch break. So they broke up, all three cried about it. I made her feel better by giving her advice cause J.L. really cares for her. So I'm just gonna give up on these stupid feelings of mine, because I can see that they both like each other a lot. 

I keep wondering how long me and D.M. will like each other... I really do love him, I'm so stupid. Oh gosh WHY?! Why does my stupidness ruin my great strong relationship. I really thought we would be together for a long time. I am an IDIOT.

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