Friendships, Heartbreaks, and Love/Hates.

This is where i will write all my feelings and events that are important to me that i need to write.


5. April 17 2013

Dear Diary,

Today was fun. In between first and second period J.L. came up behind me and started asking me if i had talked to b.a. he always asks me, and teases me. Carlos and J.L. randomly came up to me at lunch break and asked me to go with them, they said they would be my bodyguards. They brought me to B.A. and Carlos asked him, don't you have something to tell her. I knew he was suggesting to hikm to ask me out but we were already going out, hes pretty slow. In robotics D.M. was there, he talked to me but he didnt have the same feeling when he talked to me before, it used to have a kind sweet feeling when we talked but now its just plain cold. It hurts so much. I hate not texting him. Every night i cry about it. I miss him so much, i cant stop loving him. 

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