Friendships, Heartbreaks, and Love/Hates.

This is where i will write all my feelings and events that are important to me that i need to write.


4. April 12 2013

Dear diary,

The dance was today. Me and my friends got dressed in the science class. When we walked in the lights were dim and there was loud music playing. It was pretty fun, I danced with my frends and talked with people. J.L. (guy three) was there he didnt come with that girl. I heard they broke up, I wonder what happened. But anyway that guy partied hard, he kept teasing me about B.A. (guy 2) he would go look for him and force me to dance with him. But we always ended up separating somehow. Many times whenI lost my friends in the crowd I hung out with my other group of friends, J.L. would introduce me to them haha. Me and Haley  would laugh and pretend to not know each other and shake hands and hug. She was saying something to me but I couldn't hear her over the music. Me and Lauren would dance together alot it was some crazy fun. I saw D.M. (guy 1) and his friends going crazy dancing lol. Whenever we saw each other and made eye contact we would  just smile and wave, he had a sad look in his eyes. It made me feel bad about what I did. On the third last song Nadine and Nyat grabbed me by my arms and J.L. grabbed B.A. and forced us to hold hands and dance. It was actually really nice to hold his hands :). We kind of danced but not really, instead we sang along to the song. Near the end of the second last song me and Andrea went in the hallway to cool off, just before I stepped out of the gym I saw Haley and D.M. holding hands. In an instant my happiness level did a dive all the way to zero, my heart broke to pieces. When we came back the slow dance started me and Lauren didn't have anyone to dance with so we danced together hahah, Cathia and Andrea pretended like they didnt know us. In the middle of my dance with Lauren B.A. shows up and pretends to dance next to us with an imaginary date. So I stopped dancing with Lauren, I was about to dance with him when he chickened out and ran away. When I asked Andrea to help me look for him shes said, "You could have been dancing with D.M. right now," that made me feel worse, what a great friend right? I glared at her, "I hate him, why would I help him? But I'm just doing this for you," so we searched for him. I glimpsed D.M.'s head looking down. Then I saw him dancing with Haley and holding her tight. A lot of thoughts went through my mind at that moment. I dont have time to write all about it, but u probably have an idea of what it was.

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