Friendships, Heartbreaks, and Love/Hates.

This is where i will write all my feelings and events that are important to me that i need to write.


3. April 11 2013

Dear diary,

They pressured me again and teased me at lunch again. But besides that lunch break was fun, my friend Kelly brought her other friends to our group and we fooled around and joked, it was fun but while i was eating cathia made me laugh and then i choked on it and it got suck in my throat and nose. It felt so gross, i coughed some up and it was so slimy yuck! Right now im in drama class. Its so boring. I think today is my last day to make a decision about going out with guy number two. Later im gonna go to the mall and straighten my hair in the bathroom with my friend. Its gonna be fun. 

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