The love Triangle

When Sandra's boyfriend Harry introduces her to his band, One Direction. Something clicks between her and Niall, and she begins to have feelings for him the more she gets to know him. Meanwhile Harry ’s best friend Erica also has had feelings for Harry since they were young, but was never Harry ’s first choice What happens to Sandra and Niall with their love connection ? What gets between Harry and Erica that ruins their friendship?



                 (Harry's P.O.V.)

       It was only 6 months ago when I found out Erica's brother Mark announced his engagement to his girlfriend Beth. And tonight was the bachelor and bachelorette parties. I'm going to take a plane, since I'm in L.A and the bachelor and bachorette parties are in Las Vegas, I am going to be gone for two days, one night and I'm going to pick up Erica and leave the car at the airport. I'm a little worried to leave Sandra alone with Niall, after the night we played spin-the-bottle. I was really drunk that night but that's the one thing I clearly remember. I trust her but not when they're alone together, because I've seen what they did when they're around  people, God knows what they will do when they're alone. Hopefully Niall doesn't try to pull anything stupid.

               (Sandra's P.O.V.)

       I'm kind of scared about tonight, I've never spent a night without Harry since we moved in together. At the same time I'm happy that I get to spend a night alone with Niall. When I kissed Harry goodbye he looked back at Niall and gave him the death stare because Niall was smirking at me. As soon as Harry left Niall jumped up very excited that we were going to spend the day and night together. He asked me "Do you want to have a movie day today?" "Sure you could pick the first movie and I could make the popcorn."  I said walking into the kitchen. After Niall picked out the movie he came up behind me grabbing my waist and whispering in my ear, "Want to replay the kiss from the other night?" Taking his hands off my waist and turning to face him I said, " As much as I'd love to, I have a boyfriend."  He stepped  closer saying "For now." I blushed looking down at the floor and looked back up into his deep blue eyes saying, "Lets just watch the movie." "Anchorman it is." We ended up not even watching the movie because were too busy talking about everything. The next movie we put on was The Sixth Sense, that was when Niall got the idea to make a fort. "That's creepy Niall! That little boy saw a ghost in his fort!" He stopped what he was doing looked deeply into my eyes and said "Don't worry, I'll protect you." When he said that I instantly got butterflies and start to help put the fort together. We made every kids dream fort, we brought every mattress from upstairs to make it the biggest fort possible. We got our flashlights and talked the whole night. He's very easy to talk, even easier to talk to than Harry. The more I got to know Niall the more I liked him. I loved the automatic butterflies I would get just by him looking into my eyes, and the fireworks I got when he kissed me. Out of nowhere I said " You know, I wouldn't mind replaying that kiss." A little shocked he smiled and slowly came closer, placed his hand on my cheek and gentle placed his soft lips over mine. The fireworks were back but this kiss was more special. Wait, what was I thinking? I'm with Harry, I love him. Do I love him? Yes, I think...  When I woke up we were tangled up in each others arms, I smiled at Niall's slightly messed up hair, we were still in the fort. I looked at my phone to check the time, IT WAS ALREADY 6:30 P.M. Well it kind of made sense, we didn't fall asleep until 8:30a.m. Harry was going to get home in an hour. I kicked Niall lightly to wake him, but when I told him the time he moved so quick. We cleaned up the fort as fast as we could and took showers, I blow dried my hair so it didn't look like we both just showered. We finished cleaning up everything 5 minutes before Harry got home. When Harry walked in, I ran to him giving him a tight hug and a kiss. Turning around I could tell Niall didn't like it to much. "How was the party?" I asked "Yeah, did you go to any clubs, did you party hard?" Niall said standing up walking towards us. "It was okay, nothing to brag about." Harry said going up the stairs. " Where are you going? Don't you want something to eat?" I said going after him. Without even looking back he said "Not really, but thank you. I just really need some rest." He went into our room and stayed there the whole night. I didn't even bother to ask him what was wrong because I knew I would be wasting my time. He would talk to me when he was ready. 

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