The love Triangle

When Sandra's boyfriend Harry introduces her to his band, One Direction. Something clicks between her and Niall, and she begins to have feelings for him the more she gets to know him. Meanwhile Harry ’s best friend Erica also has had feelings for Harry since they were young, but was never Harry ’s first choice What happens to Sandra and Niall with their love connection ? What gets between Harry and Erica that ruins their friendship?


10. The Pregnancy Test

   (Erica's P.O.V)

     I was getting ready because Harry wanted to see me. We haven't talk in two weeks, in other words, we haven't talked since the trip. The doorbell rang and I took my time to answer it, I peeked out the window acting like I wasn't expecting anyone and slowing opened the door.

"Hey!", Harry said with with a slight smile and wave. "Can I come in?"

"Sure", I said opening the door wider. Harry stepped in and sat in the living room, I shut the door and followed. Things were a little awkward until Harry started the conversation.

   (Harry's P.O.V)

"Erica I'm really sorry for the way I acted in the casino, I had a little too much to drink and I didn't mean to humiliate you like that. You know that I really care about you and I didn't want to see you get hurt." I was really hoping that saying that I had too much to drink would make Erica forgive me faster, even though I was well aware of what I was doing. Erica sat closer to me and gave a tight hug and began saying,

"Harry don't worry about it, if it wasn't for you, Scott and I wouldn't have met, well I guess we would have met at the wedding, anyway now we're dating!" Erica seemed really excited and I had to act like I was too. For some reason I wasn't and I should be, I'm her best friend. Maybe I was upset beacuse... Well I really don't know why I was upset about her dating Scott, he's a really nice guy. But the one thing I'm more worried about is Erica and Scott sleeping together the night of the parties. As I backed away from the hug I asked,

"Erica, are you okay?"

She gave me a confused face, "Yes, why?"

"The next thing I'm going to ask you might make you upset. Just know that it's beacause I care. Is there anything weird, like with your body?"

Now she was starting to get angry, "That's really none of your business! And if you must know, my period is a week late."

Without saying a word I quickly jumped up from the couch and ran to my car without even grabbing my shoes.

"Harry! Where are you going?!?! You forgot your shoes!"

I drove to the nearest pharmacy to pick up a pregnancy test.

   (Erica's P.O.V.)

 After ten mintues Harry was back, I let him in without saying a word.

Handing me a pregnancy test he said, "It's beacuse I care, pee on this."

"But Harr-" I was cut off by him saying a little bit louder this time, "Please Go!"

I knew Harry wasn't going to listen to a word I said until I did what he said. I rolled my eyes and did what I had to do. When I came out Harry was pacing back and forth in the kitchen

"It's negitve?", Harry was shocked, which I took as offensive.

"Harry what I was trying to tell you is that I never slept with Scott. We were both hungry and we ended just going to IHop and we talked the whole night. I can't BElieve that you think I would sleep with someone the first night I met them."

"Erica, I'm-" I cut him off by saying,

"You know What Harry it's fine, just don't bring this up again." I gave him a hug and he left.

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