The love Triangle

When Sandra's boyfriend Harry introduces her to his band, One Direction. Something clicks between her and Niall, and she begins to have feelings for him the more she gets to know him. Meanwhile Harry ’s best friend Erica also has had feelings for Harry since they were young, but was never Harry ’s first choice What happens to Sandra and Niall with their love connection ? What gets between Harry and Erica that ruins their friendship?


3. The Morning After

             When I woke up I was right next to Harry I smiled he was still sleeping so I quietly left the room and went down stairs I found Niall drinking coffee he said "Good morning beautiful, how did you sleep?"  "Good" I said as I smiled Niall stayed with us 1. Because we were closest to the airport  2. We had a guess room 3. Niall insisted . I didn't mind and Harry was too drunk to notice so that was good then Niall said "So what about that kiss? I wouldn't mind another one from you"  "I'm your friends girlfriend and you two are in a band together. We shouldn't have even kissed in the first place." I told him I didn't want to say no but I had to I love Harry I can't just drop him and he loved me too or he wouldn't have pulled me from that kiss. Then Harry walked in and he asked the same question "So what about that kiss you guys?"  "It was nothing Harry" I whispered  I couldn't believe my lips my first lie to Harry "Why are you whispering Sandra?" Harry said "I thought you had a hangover Harry." I answered "No I didn't drink that much."  Clearly he didn't forget the kiss like I wanted him to. Then I broke the silence "How about you two catch up or bring Erica over. I'm just going to leave for the day and let you guys talk." "Where are you going to go to Sandra? Harry asked "I'm going to meet up with Kellie and Kaylin and maybe Liam and Louis."  "Why Liam and Louis?" Niall asked "Because thats their boyfriends and they might bring them."


            As I started to walk away I got a text from Kaylin saying "Hey me and Kellie are going to get something to eat want to come?" Thank god she texted me I really didn't want to invite myself over to her house but, I didn't want to stay here either this house stinked in awkward. As I walked in the cafe both of them were waving really big and yelling "CHEEKS!" Cheeks is my nick name it comes from Sandy Cheeks. But I love how they get really happy when they see me it makes me feel wanted. When I got to the table Kellie asked me "So how are things with you and Niall?" With Kaylin nudging my shoulder "Fine? Why do you ask?" I told them "You kissed him last night and you looked like you didn't want to stop Sandra." Kaylin said  "Well I'm fine and he did talk to me today if you care to know."  "What did he say?" they said at the same time "He said good morning beautiful and he asked how I slept. Also that he would like to kiss me again." I mumbled "WHAT!!!!!!!!!! And what did you say back!" they screamed "Well that I was Harry's girlfriend and we shouldn't have kissed in the first place." I debated "Well we should go out as friends so we could talk to Niall in person about you too." Kellie insisted Oh no I thought this was not going to end well.   

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