The love Triangle

When Sandra's boyfriend Harry introduces her to his band, One Direction. Something clicks between her and Niall, and she begins to have feelings for him the more she gets to know him. Meanwhile Harry ’s best friend Erica also has had feelings for Harry since they were young, but was never Harry ’s first choice What happens to Sandra and Niall with their love connection ? What gets between Harry and Erica that ruins their friendship?


2. The Get Together

    "Is it to soon to to meet each others friends?"  Harry said "Harry it's been a year, besides we already met each others famlies how diffrent would this be?" I said "Yeah meeting the parents do not go as planed. Except the band really didn't like my old girlfriend because when I left her I got a song writen about me. However if they don't like you then I would never talk to them again." He said with a smirk I giggled then said "You can't do that you're in a band of course you have to talk to them."  "We'll see" he said and looked out the window. As we got to the crowded airport my vision was a blur but then Harry said "I'm going to look for Niall you might want to take a seat you look tired." "Thanks Harry" He knows me too well. When I sat down an average sized man with dirty blond hair walked over to me. "Who ya waiting for?" he asked me I really liked his Irish accent. "My boyfriend" I replied then he said "Your boyfriend left you all alone in a crowded airport. He's not a good boyfriend to me. But hey we're both waiting for a guy , do you want to wait together?" "Fine" I answed even though he was trash talking my boyfriend I liked him. But before we could talk some more Harry joined us and said "Oh you two found each other good. Niall meet Sandra, Sandra meet Niall." "Nice to meet you Niall." I said with a smiled he smiled back and said "So this is the Sandra Harry can't stop talking about." Then we got to the car and started talking about the party.

    Harry was going to meet my friends and I was going to meet his band and one more friend of his. Her name is Erica they have been best friends since they were 1.  If I get the ok from her my life would be complete. She never liked any of his girlfriends I wonder why? I also find it funny how are friends are dating but we haven't met like my friend Kellie, she is a carefree full of joy soul thats hilarious and is dating Liam. They've been together for 2 years still haven't met the guy something about he's on tour and when he comes back she wants him all to herself understandable reason. Another one of my friends is Kaylin she's mature and funny on some rare occasions she will  be immature she's dating Louis they also have been dating for 2 years . Which I haven't met Louis either but to make things fair they haven't met Harry .

 At the party everyone was having a good time it seemed like Erica liked me, then the boys had a little too much to drink except Niall and wanted to play spin the bottle I really didn't want to kiss someone, Harry knew and I certainly didn't want to see Harry kiss anyone else but I didn't want to be a party pooper. Zayn went first and the bottle landed on Erica. She blushed a little and smiled at the floor, looked back up and went in for the kiss. The kiss was longer than anyone expected. Harry couldn't help but look away. When Erica spun the bottle, it landed on Harry. Harry smirked, she hesitated and did a quick peck, their lips barely even toughed. Everyone started booing, I was pretty happy with the kiss, but Harry didn't seem to be. After a few spins it was Niall's turn. In a way I kind of wanted it to land on me, but at the same time I was telling myself that I loved Harry. When the bottle laned on me, I tried to hold in my smile. I was a little nervous and I had butterflies in my stomach. We slowly went in and when our lips met, it felt like like another world. I guess we were kissing longer than I thought because Harry pulled me away. Eventually everyone went home, and I was really hoping Harry wouldn't remember our kiss in the morning.

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