The love Triangle

When Sandra's boyfriend Harry introduces her to his band, One Direction. Something clicks between her and Niall, and she begins to have feelings for him the more she gets to know him. Meanwhile Harry ’s best friend Erica also has had feelings for Harry since they were young, but was never Harry ’s first choice What happens to Sandra and Niall with their love connection ? What gets between Harry and Erica that ruins their friendship?


5. Ladies Day/Night Out

     I couldn't believe it, Erica wanted to hang out with me and Harry said she never did that with any other girlfriend of his, so I'm special. Which I'm glad she wants to get to know me. As I arrived to the restaurant I saw Erica busy on her phone. She looked really nice, she had her dark brown hair in ponytail and her bangs fell nicely over her glasses. She was wearing a pink dress with white poke-a-dots and a white jean jacket. It was a nice summerish outfit, I felt a little under dressed for the occasion with skinny jeans, Vans and a Ed Shreeran T-shirt. She gave me a hug and we sat down.

           Erica's P.O.V.

     "How was London?" I asked. They had just come back from London because Sandra had just met Harry's mom. Everyone liked her so I wanted this girls day so I could learn more about her. She seems really nice and didn't talk bad about Harry's family unlike some other girls he has been with. "How about you?" she asked snapping me out of my gaze."What?" I said trying to focus. "How about you?" she repeated, "How did you and Harry become such close friends?" "Oh it's a long story, you really don't want to listen a long boring story." I said looking at the floor and  my throat drying up with each word. "I have time, this was my only plan for the day." "Well only if you really want to know." " I do" she said with a brightening smile. I told her the whole story. "Our mother's went to school together and stayed really close. My mom got pregant with my big brother Mark while she was in high school. All of her friends turned againist her, started calling her a 'slut' and a 'whore'. They would tell her that so much that at one point my mom started to believe it too. My mom went into a deep depression and tried to even kill herself. Harry's mom was there for her even before she got pregant, she was also the one who found my mom passed out when she tried to kill herself. She helped get my mom back on her feet and take care of Mark when his dad left him. After that bad experience, they planned to get married before anyone had anymore kids. They both got married and planned to get pregant be around the same time. They both wanted girls so they could always have a shopping buddy. Sadly, they both didn't get what they wanted. Harry's mom got a boy, and my mom got a girl but I hate shopping. Harry and I were very close from the start. When ever some would bully Harry  I would stick up for him, and he would do the same for me. We got the closest  when Harry's parents got a divorce, and not long after my dad died from cancer. He only lasted 3 months before he took his last breath. My dad was my best friend" as I said those words tears ran down my face. I caught my breath and continued. "Harry came with me to the hospital everyday for those 3 months. He even had a girlfriend at the time. That showed me how good of a friend he was. He was with me when I saw my dad take his last breath. During that moment I knew Harry would be there for me for the rest of my life. Around the time Harry  auditioned for XFactor I had to move to America for my mom's job. But we talked on the phone everyday or skyped. Until he became super famous, I would just wait for him to call because I didn't want him to feel like I was bothering him. Now we live so close, but still dont talk as much as I thought we would. Sorry did I bore you? You haven't said one word since I've started."

             Sandra's P.O.V.

       I blurted without thinking, "Where you two ever boyfriend and girlfriend?" She looked at me with a surprise face, "Nope, never." She said with a smile, but looked almost sad when she said it. I really wanted to cheer her yup she had these looks that if you saw her all you wanted to do was make her smile. "Hey if you ever become his girlfriend you two would make a cute couple." I couldn't believe my mouth I'm his girlfriend I shouldn't tell a girl, 'you would look good with my boyfriend.' Me and Erica talked for ages I couldn't wait for her to meet Kellie and Kaylin. I now know why Harry is best friends with her, she could befriend everybody. I wanted Erica to meet my friends on the same day but we talked so much it was too late for her to meet them. However I did want to talk to Harry that night.

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