Broken Chain

When Spencer is invited to a party at her friends house she wakes somewhere unknown without her charm of a promise ring which was given to her by her ex, who is now stalking her. Then she finds she's pregnant at age sixteen with no idea of who the father is.
She packs up and moves to New York to get away from everything and start over but what will happen when she gets an audition for a small commercial and meets Harry Styles?


3. So Many Questions!

"Wait!" Harry yelled as he ran after me. But I wasn't listening. So many questions are piling on in my brain. How did he get my bracelet? Why was he in New York? What had happened to him when the band broke up? I didn't even know where I was going I just ran. I go down the stairs very winded when I got to the bottom. I run past the reception desk and past the doors. Stele a cab from the person who was waving it down and tell the driver to go back to my apartment. I rush home and run into my apartment locking it behind me and sinking down to the floor just sobbing.

Rebekah came up to me and I tell her what had happened between sobs. She led me to the bed and turns on the TV to Impractical Prankers, my favorite show. She left and grabbed a  tub a ice cream and sat down and rubbed my back. I think how he had my bracelet. I reach down to phone in my pocket and it's not there.

Just then Rebekah's phone goes off playing "Let it Die" from the Lorax, making me smile. She looks at me with a sympathetic look and I nod and she picks it up. "It's for you" she says slowly. I take it from her hand and hear a familiar voice on the other end.


"hello, is this Spencer" Harry says of the other end.

"How do you have my bracelet?" I demand.

"Well, it's very hard to explain" he said in his defense.

"Care to enlighten me" I say.

"just meet me for a movie" he says desperately.

"No, not until you tell me how, when, and why." I say stiffly

"Well those are three very different questions" he says his voice going high.

"answer them" I say before he can finish his sentence.

"There's some things I need to tell you. At that party I couldn't take my eyes off you. When I saw you going upstairs with someone else, I panicked. So I grabbed your bracelet so when you found out you lost it I would give it back to you and we would live happily ever after."

"I WAS SIXTEEN, YOU COULD HAVE BEEN ARRESTED!!!!!!!!" I yelled over the phone.

"I know I know." he says." When that didn't work I called your friend Rebekah. I paid her to tell you about the audition for the commercial and so I could tell you about this."

Then it all came together. When I was trying to kill myself at the doctors office, Rebekah who went with me, was telling Harry it was true and it was a girl. She had spied on me for money.

"Your the reason I'm being stalked by Ian."

"You are the reason I now have child."

"You are the reason for everything that has crashed down around me"

I hang up just as Rebekah walks through the door with Emma on her hip.

"Let go of my child." I say not from anger but from sadness.

"I can explain" she says knowing exactly what I'm talking about.

"GET OUT OF MY HOUSE YOU COW" I scream she sets the baby down into her crib and quietly steps out.

With tears in my eyes I realize as I calm the baby, Harry Styles is the father of my child.


A.N. Hello my beautifuls!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm sorry I couldn't update yesterday I was at a friends house. And another thing I won't usually update on a Wednesday until the Summer because of church. After this Movella is done I have another idea for another one about Corrie, the new character I'm adding into this story next chapter will be kidnapped by One Direction. This week I will update Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.


So byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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