Broken Chain

When Spencer is invited to a party at her friends house she wakes somewhere unknown without her charm of a promise ring which was given to her by her ex, who is now stalking her. Then she finds she's pregnant at age sixteen with no idea of who the father is.
She packs up and moves to New York to get away from everything and start over but what will happen when she gets an audition for a small commercial and meets Harry Styles?


4. Regrets

It's been a week since I found out Rebekah had betrayed me. I haven't eaten or gone outside or have gotten a call from Ian. I'm about to go to sleep as I watch TV. I've been so depressed since I found out. Some how through the thought s clouding my mind I managed to fall asleep. I dreamed about a whole new world.

I lived with my parents and I was dating a tall man who paid for every dinner we had with a black Amex. We would go on romantic moonlight picnics and cute little walks on the beach to see the sunset. We met with the cheesy look across the crowded room and instantly fellin love. We were in love.But I never saw his face. He always wore a fully black suit with a fedora.

But I was soon awakened but a smashing coming from the kitchen. I pick up the base ball bat I sleep with and slowly walk over. But just as I'd hopped into the kitchen someone was climbing out the window. I heard a crash below and a groan. I couldn't quite place who it was but I think it's a man.

Since my apartments on the fifth floor, no one could get up after the fall. I call the police and they say they're going to send someone over here. I know I live in a city where I could get a pizza delivered to my house faster then a police officer. That's what annoys me.

I look to see if anything has been stolen. But I only find that my Ingles gift card, some Apples, and Emma's plastic Necklace are gone. That makes no sense. Why the Ingles gift card?Whoever stole it couldn't use it because I already had. Why a child' necklace it was plastic. And the apples are very cheap now since there're in season.

Ingles card.







I'm glad when the police getere they said whoever it was who stole the things was long gone and they really can't nything about it. But I know who stole those things.

He did it just to scare me. Just to put me on edge. I looked at the time 6:55. I love it when New York is this dark. No one is busy but a few business men talking loudly on their Bluetooths.


The only person I'd talked to was Corrie Jane. She was my first ever friend. In preschool we'd always play together. But she lived in New Jersey. It took an hour and a half for just the trip over here.

But she had a big part in a movie, so she was staying with me for a few months. She said she couldn't talk about it that it that it was a big surprise. She has been seeing a tall man exactly like the one in my dreams.

Jars of Hearts blares waking up the baby, me and Corrie.

It was Harry. I decide to talk to him since he really hadn't done anything but make a risky decision to win my love.

"hello" I say In a chirpy morning voice.

"Hello, I know I've put you through hell and back so I want to make it up to you." He says quickly

"OK" I say encouraging him to go on.

"Would you, Spencer Jones, like to go see Paranormal Activity 4 with me tonight?" He says like he's been practicing it.

"I would love to Will you come pick me up?" I ask


"OK see you then!"



But just as I am about to hang up I hear a soft "I love you"





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