Broken Chain

When Spencer is invited to a party at her friends house she wakes somewhere unknown without her charm of a promise ring which was given to her by her ex, who is now stalking her. Then she finds she's pregnant at age sixteen with no idea of who the father is.
She packs up and moves to New York to get away from everything and start over but what will happen when she gets an audition for a small commercial and meets Harry Styles?


2. New start, New York

I wake up to a screaming baby with Jar of Hearts by Adele blaring,I look at  caller ID. IAN it says I quickly hit the red button to turn it off. I walk over to Emma, my two year old daughter. As I hush her she looks up at me with crystal blue eyes when I bounce her up and down. Up and down. Up an down. I get excited for my audition for a small commercial. I start some instant oatmeal i sit down on the bed and turn the TV only to see One Direction has been featured for an episode of "Lost Memories"

 I flick the TV off as I look around at the boxes scattered on the floor. I don't have much but it's enough to get started with, a couple of outfits and two pairs of shoes. The apartment I'm living in has two rooms one in which I use as a work/living room and the other a bedroom which I share with Emma.

Jar of Hearts sounds again as i check the boiling water and add the oatmeal. IAN. I let it go to voicemail as I again calm Emma. I think back to when Ian didn't call me every day after Broke up with him.

I wish all of this would go away so I could live a normal life. I regret dropping out of high school because of the baby. To live with my parents and brother. Now all i have is a child and a crazy ex-boyfriend stalking me. When I was younger I was Obsessed with One Direction. They were the only thing that kept me from killed myself. But Harry split from the band, right around the time of the day I had the ultrasound. They were falling apart when I needed them the most.

Ha, look at me. I met Harry three years ago and I'm acting like I've known them forever. I tried to commit suicide right at the hospital after the ultrasound. One step out of the that window and it would all be over. But just as I was about to, I'd already had one foot out the frame I got a call from Ian saying just three words. You may think those words were "I love you" but he said "Don't Do it" and then he hung up.

I look down into the almost silver eyes glad I hadn't jumped. I loved this child more then anything ever. Again Jar of Hearts blared, but this time it was Rebekah. I'd met Rebekah at school in third grade. We had a group piano class together. She had moved to New York shortly before me which was one of the main reasons why I moved. The others were I didn't like the judgmental eyes I got on the whispers that started when I walked into class or down the halls because of the baby. And I wanted to get away from the stalking from Ian. And pretty much just wanted a new start plus my dad kicked me out when I told him I was pregnant.

"Hey girl" she said excitedly. "Hello" I said with a British accent because I know it's always annoys her. "Ugg" she says exasperatedly. "Do you want to get some coffee today maybe?" she says after. "ummmmmmmmmm............sure but I have an audition at 3 today so sure I want to get my mind off it" I say. "Well that's in five hours so" her voice trailed of. " Do you think we can get coffee in a matter of then" "Shut up and meet me at the café on the corner in 30." "ok" she says with a smile in her voice thinking she's won this round of put downs. She hangs up and I eat my oatmeal as I look over my lines for some kind of Snuggie knock off.

I put the baby in a carriage and lock and walk out the door. I walk to the little café and order an espresso  and a mint iced coffee for Rebekah. When she walks in taking one look at my baby at going into a fit of aaaaawwwwwwwwwws and other compliments. When our drinks arrive, we take small sips knowing how expensive everything is in New York.

We talk about our plane rides over here and I find out she's been here for about three weeks and I tell her I've been here for almost a week. After a pretty boring and conversation with many awkward pauses I invite her back to my small place to help me with my lines. After I have everything memorized, we sit down to watch TV and make fun of the people on the   

X-Factor only to find reruns the best auditions. A few of then we were very impressed but one stuck out in particular. Harry Styles. He sang like an angel. But she quickly turned it to " Say yes to the Dress" to lighten my spirits when a "where is He Now'' segment came on talking about Harry.

After watching very many episodes of "Say Yes to the Dress" then "Bridezillas" it's already 2:30. I panic as I run out of the door telling Rebekah to watch the Emma and catching a cab. I tell him I need to get there fast he speeds up a little but not enough. I realize I am going to be late for my first audition.

After about forty-five minutes and 50$ later, I'm running down the street to the tall building where the audition is. When I walk in I'm taken aback by the amazing interior. Soft blue walls with a waiting room with plush over-stuffed sofa with a reception desk next to it. The white marble desk with a nice computer and a pretty and neat looking woman who was clicking away then stopping and looked me up and down and raised an eyebrow as I gazed at the wonderful room.

When I snapped back to reality, I asked her where the audition were and she typed a little then said room two on the eighth floor. I rushed to the elevator, bumping into some people and pressing the button for it. I finally got to the small room with a desk and a small space in front of it. A man tapping his pen looked up at me when I realize it's Harry Styles. He stands up he sees me. But what I see scares me more then anything.


On his hand is my charm bracelet.

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