Broken Chain

When Spencer is invited to a party at her friends house she wakes somewhere unknown without her charm of a promise ring which was given to her by her ex, who is now stalking her. Then she finds she's pregnant at age sixteen with no idea of who the father is.
She packs up and moves to New York to get away from everything and start over but what will happen when she gets an audition for a small commercial and meets Harry Styles?


1. How it all Started

I wake up to my phone buzzing and look at the time. 8:45 p.m.. I swear under my breath as I realize I took an unexpected nap and have 15 minutes to get ready for the party at Vicky house. I throw on some clothes deciding on a pair of shorts, a bright green tank top with a soft yellow scarf and grab a jean jacket on the way out the door.


 When I reach the house I see I'm 10 minutes late and take a look at my phone checking over twitter to pass some time. Then when it's been about 20 later I walk up and knock on the door. When it opens I'm greeted by a tall person saying hey and come in. As I walk in I I see a cooler of beer and decide not to approach but to find my friends first.


They come up in a line and we start to talk as I zone out but am snapped back to reality as we all see him at once.  "Oh My God."  We all say as we see none other than Harry Styles casually talking to a senior. "OMG, he's coming over here" Hannah squeals as he approaches. "Hello ladies" he says, but he gets no reply for an awkward pause as we just stare.


"" I manage to mutter as he offers me a drink. I take it as my friends back away knowing something's up with me and him. "So why are you here?" I say mentally kicking myself from such a stupid question. Then he explains he's on a break from everything.After a few drinks things slowly start to go in a haze as the night carries on.


I jolt awake immediately feeling the side affects of the drinking of last night as I take in my surroundings. A cream bed with green sheets, and flowing curtains blocking out the sunlight. I feel as I'm about to be sick I look for a bathroom and heave into the  toilet until everything is out of my body. I try to make a quick exit after that nut when I put my hand on the door handle, I see my charm bracelet is gone and run out the door, my head filling with questions.


Getting home and calming down, I take a pregnancy test just in case and see I've ruined my sixteen.




A.N. Hey my beautifuls! yes I'm going to call you that. I hope you liked that chapter and I hope you will read more. If I get any response from this then I will be posting probably every other day. And also I'm going to start the story as if it's  3 years later.   Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

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