Broken Chain

When Spencer is invited to a party at her friends house she wakes somewhere unknown without her charm of a promise ring which was given to her by her ex, who is now stalking her. Then she finds she's pregnant at age sixteen with no idea of who the father is.
She packs up and moves to New York to get away from everything and start over but what will happen when she gets an audition for a small commercial and meets Harry Styles?


6. Fighting and Mom

Harry gets up from being knocked down and straitens himself out only to be hit down again. But this time it's Ian who is hit then he's out cold. A tall burly man comes in and asks Harry and I to leave. Knowing better we just leave Ian in the theater and walk out.


"who the hell was that" Harry spits out angrily. "Ian" I mutter.

"Well, I said I was going to make it up for you so..." His voice trails off.

"I'm going to take you to dinner." He grimly.

He puts his hand on my arm roughly pushing me into a nicely lighted restaurant. I'm getting scared now. He's not very happy he got punched...twice.


As he orders I and himself drinks, I slip into the bathroom knowing this will now go anywhere good. I brainstorm what to do and finally come up with just plain escaping and getting a cab back to my apartment. I nervously fast walk out with my head down.

I log onto twitter to see if anyone had seen us . Sure enough many people had seen me. I was reading the most hateful things I've ever seen.


Just then I get an email from my dad. I haven't heard anything from him for 2 years. I open it only to read:


Your mom and brother have been hit by a semi. No funeral.


Without hesitation, I walk out and lock the door. Everything seems to go in slow motion. I briskly walk to the subway and pass smoothly through the three bars.I swing down


Onto the tracks and lie down and breathing in the air filled with the smell of sweat. I hear the loudness of the on coming car and take in deep breaths. It fastly  approaches. I am ready. Then suddenly everything goes black. all the pain gone.


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