Cool Kids Never Die - One Direction Fanfiction

Janea McCullen is a Professional Surfer, When a famous boyband (One Direction) go to visit the beach janea surfs at , and they take a tour on a boat . They got on at a very special time , just in time to see janea surf the biggest wave , and one lad (Harry Styles) catches her eye.
janea pronounced "Juh-Nay-Uh"


1. ~ Hang Loose ~

Janea's P.O.V

The beach was honestly beautiful , the waves making beautiful splashing sounds, the sky is just the right color and the wind is just at the perfect mph. Its a hot day....VERY HOT day, and i was melting into the warm sand that covered my feet almost completely. 

"Hi, im sorry but cani get a picture with you" a voice said from behind me ,  I turned around to see a girl about 13 years young , she kinda looked like a mini me :D , "Of course" i said and crouched next to her while she held her iphone out and snapped the picture. "thanks so much" she said waving and walking away . 

I grabbed my surfboard and put the strap on , around my ankle. I didnt really feel like wearing the surfing suit so i just wore my regular black/teal bikini type bathing suit (its really cute). I walked over to the waters that were splashing upon the sand , shivering at its touch. 

I walked further into the water and hopped onto my board . I paddled and waited for the perfect wave to come . They always do. "And over here , you will see one of out best surfers out here" I heard from behind me , I turned around a saw Ryan (my step brother / tour guide for the beach) and 5 utterly handsome boys come up next to my in Ryan's small tour boat .

"Say hi to the 5 boys of 1D" he said winking at me , knowing that i had a semi- crush on the popular boy-band. I sat on my board and waved at them , "is your name Janea ?" Niall asked , i looked at him shocked ! "y-yeah , how'd you know?" i asked , "its on your board love." Curly said. 

I blushed of embarrassment. "oh right." i looked down at my board , the sun making it shine even brighter. "heads up Smalls." Ryan said , I looked up and saw the most biggest beautiful...est wave ever !! I smiled like a champ and laid back down on my board , paddling furiously towards it. 

As i came closer to the wave , i felt everyones eyes were on me . The wave was only 1 inch away from me , so i stood up to meet it , It washed over my body as i surfed the wave , it started to cover me completely , making a tunnel . Everything in front of me was blurry and i just tunnel surfed my way out. 

As i felt the water presence leave my body , i opened my eyes and everyone was cheering as i surfed the last bit , The boys faces were in shock , everyone was shocked because nobody was able to tunnel surf a wave , they'd always fall or not make it at the right time , and here i was...the first to do so. 

"Janea watch out !" I heard ryan yell. I turned around and there was another big wave coming towards me  in a fast motion, I had no time to prepare, It knocked me down in seconds. I was lost in the water , and for some reason i couldnt get up , all the power in my body wouldnt let me . I looked down and saw my board got stuck , i tugged on the rope but it wouldnt budge. It was on a matter of seconds before everything went black.


"Guys, shes awakening !" A voice yelled , i didnt know who but it sounded like ryans. I sat straight up and started coughing. Someone was rubbing my back , i wiped my eyes and looked around..Where was i ? this isnt my house. I turned around and saw Ryan and not 5 boys but only 2 .. "wheres the rest of you.?" i asked , " lou and liam are trying to get your board and harry is in his room laying down , hes the one who pulled you out the water" zayn said with a sad smile. 

"May i go talk to him" i asked , looking down at the long white t-shirt covering my body , i was totally dry (my hair was a bit damp) . How long was i out for ? "follow me." niall said getting up , i got up an walked behind him as he led me to harrys room . Niall let me in and closed the door so me and harry could have some privacy.

I walked over to the bed harry was sleeping at and kneeled beside it, just looking at his sleeping figure. I brushed some hair out of his face and he awoke almost instantly , "hey love , your awake." he said , his voice deep and raspy. 

"yeah um , i just wanted to um...thank you for...erm...saving me and all" i said semi-blushing , his face was so serious and painful to look at , like if i stared at it any long i would scream. "I would do anything for a beautiful girl like you." he said with a smile. OH MY GOODNESS IM GOING TO MELT. 

I blushed hard and looked down , "stop it." i mumbled , he sat up laughing "stop what?" he asked playing dumb. I looked at him then looked back down "being a flirt." i said , "well i usually flirt with girls i like." he said with a chuckle , my head shot straight up " me?" i said almost in shock , "as if it isnt obvious." he said. 

"Why are you sitting on the floor?" he asked looking down at me , "um , i didnt want to just get in your bed , i'd be a weirdo for doing that." i said quickly , "well c'mon and be a weirdo" he said motioning for me to get on the bed , of course , i got up and slowly sat down criss-cross-applesauce (lol) across from him .

"So i see my shirt fits you pretty well." he said with a seductive wink. "yeah" i said biting my bottom lip , two can play this flirting game. "but you know what" he said rubbing his hands through his mess of hair , a soft chuckle leaving his lips as he tongue glided between them , he looked into my eyes.

"Its looks way better off."

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