Dont Let Go

Anne Grayson was not the bully, but she was the victim. No, not everybody knew, but the ones that did, made her miserable. As she went into the bathroom and stared cutting herself, someone stopped her. Tall, black hair that was short, but not too short, bright blue eyes, cute. Half of her said punch him. The other half said 'I want him to be mine!' What will she do? Read to find out.


2. Who?

I pulled up to Emma's house and Bethany ran out of the house.

    "That's my new friend."  She said pointing at some guy mowing the lawn.

    "What's his name?" I asked.

    "Ryan." She smiled. "Its Emma's big brother. He is eighteen just like you!" I just shrugged and drove home. No one was home when we got there. I unlocked the door and we stepped in. Bethany ran into her room. My phone started going off and I looked to see who had texted me. May: People are texting ME now!: I called May and told her to get her ass to my house ASAP. When she got to my place, my brother and someone that looked awfully familiar followed her into the house.

    "Well you look mighty fine!" Adam said. Just then May spun around and smacked him across the face.

    "Ada-" Bethany froze as she ran to Adam and turned her focus to the other guy. "Ryan!" She screened as he picked her up.  I rolled my eyes and walked into my room with May. I sat on the bed after I closed the door. May just stood there wide eyed and an evil grin on her face.

    "What?" I questioned.

     "Him! He's hot!" She exclaimed.

      "Witch him? Please don't say my brother!" I said in a worried tone.

      "Oh god no! The other him! I think his name was Ryan." She replied. "If you don't go out with him, I will." I glared at her.

      "Go ahead."  I said. She smiled and clapped her hands. May was a major whore. I'm only saying the truth! She is the one who should be getting  called a bitch. Actually she is the one started bulling me first. Then the shit started in on her and she broke down. I gave her another chance.  I told the others to stop. So once again, I got bullied and she didn't. She didn't bully me anymore though. You see, I believe in second chances. Or should I say believed.







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