Dont Let Go

Anne Grayson was not the bully, but she was the victim. No, not everybody knew, but the ones that did, made her miserable. As she went into the bathroom and stared cutting herself, someone stopped her. Tall, black hair that was short, but not too short, bright blue eyes, cute. Half of her said punch him. The other half said 'I want him to be mine!' What will she do? Read to find out.


4. What Just Happened

I heard a gentle knock on  my door and I opened my eyes. It was Adam. I sat up and saw him

standing in the door way. I patted the bed next to me signaling for him to come sit by me. He walked over and sat down.

     "I read what they were saying to you." He said. I could see is face get red. "I don't like what they called you." He went on. Now his eyes were starting to swell.

     "You do realize that you said some of the same things to me." I replied.

     "I know and I didn't think that it would make you break down like that." He managed as tears filled his eyes. "I'm sorry Anne. I really am!" He cried as he hugged me as tight as he could.

     "Adam, look at me." I said. He looked at me and his entire face was puffy and red. "Adam, stop crying. Nothing was your fault. Well, I mean some of it was, but other than that. I don't want you to beat yourself up over this. You are not the reason for this." I pointed at the cuts on my arms. He looked at them and then looked at me.

     "You cut yourself yesterday?" He asked.

     "Ryan didn't tell you?"

     "No. He said that you probably didn't want anyone to know." He said.

     "Yeah, I cut myself, and Ryan stopped me." I replied. His eyes got watery again and I stopped him from crying.

     "Hey! Stop crying. I'm fine! Okay! If you shed one more tear, I will have to beat you." I scolded. He laughed under his breath and gave me another hug.

Yes, Adam can be an ass. And I know I didn't mention it before, but he is also a very caring 

guy. He said that he was my little brother once. I told him he was older even though we were twins and he wouldn't listen. He may treat me like shit sometimes but he has his moments.

He stood up and hollered for Ryan. As soon as Ryan came in Adam locked us both in my

room. He just slightly waved and sat in a chair next to my bed. I stood up to kick the door so Adam would move, but before I got to the door my phone went off.

Adam: He likes you! I promise! And I'm not by the door! :) your welcome.

Just then Ryan's phone started buzzing. He read it and started blushing. He looked up at me and saw I was looking at him.

    "We are stuck in here." He said.

    "Yeah, I kinda figured." I laughed. He stood up and tried to open the door. I hurried over and tried to help him. He turned and looked at me. I looked back at him. Then suddenly, out of nowhere, he pressed his lips against mine. I didn't pull away. We both stumbled away from the door still kissing each other. After a couple minutes, Adam swung the door open. Ryan pulled away and looked happy but nervous at the same time.

   "I'm, I'm sorry." He said, then left.

            "What?" Was all Adam could say.

            "I don't know." I replied.

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