Dont Let Go

Anne Grayson was not the bully, but she was the victim. No, not everybody knew, but the ones that did, made her miserable. As she went into the bathroom and stared cutting herself, someone stopped her. Tall, black hair that was short, but not too short, bright blue eyes, cute. Half of her said punch him. The other half said 'I want him to be mine!' What will she do? Read to find out.


7. I Tried...

All three of us sat on the same hospital bed. My dad burst through the door and hugged us as

tight as he could. He looked at my arm and saw the brace.

     "I'm counting on you boys to make sure she keeps this on." He said. He wasn't mad. He knew the last thing that we had wanted to do was hurt each other. I held on to Ryan's hand with the hand that wasn't fractured.

    "I want to know why she did that." My dad said. We all just looked at each other.

    "Nothing." I mumbled. Ryan sat up strait.

    "Actually," He began. I looked at him with a look that said 'Please stop' And he shut up. "Never mind." He sighed.

    "Whose house are you going to after this." My dad asked. I was glad that he trusted me. Or maybe it was the fact I was eighteen.

    "I was actually wondering if you might want to stay the night." Ryan said. I smiled and nodded. No our relationship wasn't moving too quickly in my eyes. We had been dating for almost two months now.

We pulled up to Ryan's house and got out of the truck. I looked into his big blue eyes and


    "I still cant believe you have your own house." I said.

    "I still cant believe my parents still have me mow there lawn." He laughed. He walked up and unlocked the door. I followed him in the house.  He hugged me tightly and sighed.

    "What happened?" He asked. "Why did she crush your arm?"

    "She was being a bitch. I tried to stand up for myself. I guess we see where that got us." I said looking at his bruised face. His eyes were sparkling. 

    "You know your a lot stronger than you think." He said. 

   "How so?" I questioned.

    "Well, I would not be breathing right now if I were you." He answered.

   "So the shit was really that bad." I sighed.

   "Actually, it was bad, but I bet you I've been through worse." He jokingly challenged.

   "Once again, how so?" I asked. Then suddenly everything got extremely serious. He walked over and sat down on the couch. I went and sat on his lap. He brushed his fingers through my hair.

   "I had a big sister. She was about sixteen. I was eleven. Anyway, she was in a car with a drunk driver. They drove off a bridge." He had tears in his eyes. I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him. "That always makes things better." He laughed. I smiled and kissed him again.

We laid back on the couch and watched a movie till we were both sound asleep.


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