Dont Let Go

Anne Grayson was not the bully, but she was the victim. No, not everybody knew, but the ones that did, made her miserable. As she went into the bathroom and stared cutting herself, someone stopped her. Tall, black hair that was short, but not too short, bright blue eyes, cute. Half of her said punch him. The other half said 'I want him to be mine!' What will she do? Read to find out.


10. Again...

         I closed the bathroom door and walked over the sink. Tears poured down my face. I took the knife that was still sitting in the bathroom. I cut all up my arms and legs. I dropped the knife and fell to the floor.

    "Goodbye." I gasped. I felt myself start to slip away.

  *End Of Dream*

I sat up quickly. My breathing was heavy and I kept coughing. I felt a hand rub my back.

    "Baby girl, are you okay?" Ryan's soothing voice said. I curled up in his arms and laid my head on his chest. He rested his chin on the top of my head and cradled me. I cried my self back to sleep still in his arms.

The next Morning I woke up to Ryan's big blue eyes looking at me with worry.

     "What's wrong?" I questioned.

     "You were coughing and crying in your sleep." He replied.

     "I'm sorry." I apologized.

     "Don't be. I could have gone to sleep, but I wanted to make sure you were okay." He said. I sat up slightly and pulled him down so he was laying next to me. I turned over and looked into his eyes. He smiled faintly. I leaned over and kissed his cheek.

      "You need to sleep." I said. He smiled some more and slowly shook his head.

      "No, I don't. One day wont kill me." He laughed. I sighed and he quickly pulled me over so my head was on his chest. I reached up and brushed my fingers through my hair. He pulled me up so my head was by his. I leaned my forehead against his and he kissed me.

      "I love you." I said into the kiss.

      "I love you too." He replied.

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