Wanted for life

I'm wanted for life. For eternity. My mother is dead. My father is dead. My loved ones are dead. I have no one.


1. Skye Terror

Hi my names Skye Terror. I'm wanted for life. For eternity. I have no one to help me with it. I destroyed families by accident. How? Easy I'm a witch. I have hair that goes to the back of my knees. I am 5"9 and I have lightning blue eyes. I'm skinny and I have natural rosey red lips. My favourite band is one direction, Harry lives here. But I never see him. I'm always on the run. Like Ned Kelly if you will. I'm wanted for murder. I have a midnight black stallion named well Midnight. I was born 1 of February 1994. I know weird I was born the same day as harry right? Yeah I know what your thinking. Who did I murder? No one. They framed me. The Fresh Meat. They are all boys and they all HATE ME! Anyway gotta run. See ya. 

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