Wanted for life

I'm wanted for life. For eternity. My mother is dead. My father is dead. My loved ones are dead. I have no one.


3. Remembering? That's impossible!

Harry's POV 

i wake up in a daisy field and see Louis lying next to me "ugh my head hurts" Louis says standing up but falling over again "HEY LOOK HARRY!! THERE'S A GIRL RIDING A HORSE LETS ASK HER FOR DIRECTIONS!! HEY YOU! ON THE HORSE!" Louis screams "leave it mate she can't hear you" I say putting my hand on his shoulder. I keep having images of a young girl being ripped apart from her parents. Weird! We eventually find our way back into town. But that girl. I feel like I remember her from somewhere. I think back to my school peers. Huh. She was the quiet girl that always sits at the back of the classroom. 

Skyes POV 

i was running when I heard Louis calling for me. I ignored it kept galloping away. I feel like I remember harry from somewhere apart from being famous. I just can't put my finger on it. Oh well. I started galloping into town "HEY THERE SHE IS!" A guy with a pitch fleck says "please I'm innocent!" I say "yeah right!" A guy with a scar across his left eye says "I am please you gotta believe me!!" I say crying "LET HER GO!!" One of the police says "WE WILL LEAVE YOU ALONE AS LONG AS YOU STAY AWAY FROM THIS TOWN!!" He says "yes sir" I say galloping away "huh midnight. I'm gonna have to build a house outside of town" I say making midnight run faster. Fifteen minutes later we arrive to a clearing in the woods "we'll I guess I could build a log house here nod course you can come inside Midnight why would you think that?....yeah but you can only be inside if you go outside to do your business okay?....thanks" I say reading her mind "okay stand back Midnight" I say making trees float and making a kitchen and a toilet and a bedroom and stuff like that. I also made a place where midnight can sleep inside "there we go come on" I say opening the door. 

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