Wanted for life

I'm wanted for life. For eternity. My mother is dead. My father is dead. My loved ones are dead. I have no one.


2. Blood of a witch

Skye's POV. 

My horse galloped in a field my father and I used to go to "STOP! COME BACK! I NEED THAT!" A guy with orange hair was running with a black book......spells? The guy that shouted at the orange haired boy had curly brown hair and emerald green eyes "OI! GIVE THE YOUNG MAN BACK HIS BOOK!" I yell pulling the horse in front of the orange haired boy "y-yes" he stuttered and threw the black book at the curly haired one "thanks you?" The young boy said asking for my name as he picked the book up "Skye" I say hopping off my horse "it's okay. Shh. That's it. Here ya go girl" I say giving midnight an apple from the bag dangling off of her "your welcome" I say patting her nose as she likes it "umm I've seen you somewhere?" The guy says "yeah everyone has" I say walking up to him with Midnight behind me "she loves you eh?" The boy asks "what's your name?" I ask as midnight nudges my shoulder "ugh harry" harry says "the guy that's in that band that everyone loves?" I ask knowing the answer "yeah one direction" he replies "so why aren't you at home?" He asks "it's quite dangerous out here for a young and innocent lady to be walking around" he says looking through the book "for u maybe, but not for me" I say hopping back on Midnight "wait! Can I have your number?" He asks "sorry mate. I don't have a phone" I say "oh" jhe says "we'll see ya harry" I say "WAIT!" He says as I start to gallop off "yes harry" I say turning midnight around "are you the girl that's wanted everywhere in Holmes chapel?" Harry asks stunned "finally! You really need to be here more often harry" I say laughing at his face. Shock is written all over it "shocked are ya?" I ask getting off my horse bare footed "arh a bit" harry says backing up "what are ya scared of a framed girl?" I ask picking one of the few thousands of daisies "your.....innocent?" Harry asks "why yes I am" I am say falling to the ground and relaxing "I've heard a lot about you. They say your a witch" harry says "that's impossible there's no such-" I cut him off by making him float "AHH!" Harry says "still think there's no such thing as witches eh?" I ask "n-no I don't I believe you p-put me down now p-please" he asks staying completely still "whatever I was having fun too" I say frowning "okay do something else" he says 'like this?' I send to his mind "AHH!" He says "mind reading" I say "why are you doing it to me? Do it to your horse!" He says "not gonna happen hot shot. She's the only thing I have left as family." I say getting up and patting her "what else?" He asks "I can inflict pain, which I'm not gonna do. Compulsion. Persuasion. Levertation. Seduction. Technically everything" I say nodding my head "oh" he says "so who was that guy?" I ask "Jackson. He thinks he's the powerful person that's wanted" harry says "pfft if he was he'd be dead" I say laughing "so your boyfriend must be worried sick about u" harry says "I don't have a boyfriend" I say shrugging "WHAT!?!" Harry says scanning my body "what like what you see eh?" I say laughing "ugh eh umm" he stutters "I was joking mate, Your band pals must be worried about you?" I say walking up to him "well I don't know" harry says "HARRY! HARRY STEP AWAY FROM HER SHE'S A KILLER!!" a guy with stripes on says "NO SHE'S NOT!!" Harry says "thanks for sticking up for me but right now I have to go!" I say as I see people with guns pointed at me. I hop on Midnight and sart to run "STOP OR NO ONE GETS HURT!!" A guy says holding a gun to harry and Louis head "HURT THEN I WILL SLOT YOUR THROATS! Which I'm not gonna do which is just gross!" I say whispering the last part so they wouldn't hear 'okay harry and Louis can you hear me?' I send to their minds 'YES!' Louis and harry think at the same time 'okay what I want you to do is look at me and scream. They will think I'm in flicking pain on you guys!' I think to them 'yes ma'am' Louis says. They look at me and scream holding their stomachs "SHIT SHE'S INFLICTING PAIN ON THEM!!" One guy says "RUN!!" They says dropping harry and Louis and running off. Midnight runs to them "I'm sorry but you can never go back to your family now that you know what I am" I say "what?" They says "I WAS RIPPED FROM MY FAMILY BECAUSE I KNEW WHAT THEY WERE!! I DON'T WANT YOU TO GO THROUGH THE SAME THING!" I say putting memories of me and my parents being ripped apart from eachother in their minds "I'm sorry if you don't want to come with me I will erase your memory of ever knowing me" I say crying that they would have to be ripped from their families "no I don't want to forget you!" Harry yells "IM SORRY!" I say erasing their memories of me and running away. I'm sorry guys. I thought. But I will visit again. 

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