My Life Story *Diary*

About a 15 yr. old girl named Jessica telling you about her life . And how rough it is with her family and how much she cares about her Bestfriends and Her Boyfriend . *Hope you guys like it if not Oh well just wanted to have fun with a story :p*


2. Bestfriends and Love

This is kind of hard on me because my real dad had left before I was born and my step dad and my mom are divorced so, I don't really have a dad *I guess* ? But the people I love I have in my life. My bestfriends Emmy and River * that is their nicknames* and my babe Isaac . I love him and my bestfriends . But the thing is Isaac is Emily's *emmy* bother and she sorta doesn't like us dating because its a bestfriand brother thing with all the dating and stuffs . But I had told emmy that "Isaac will never break our Friendship" we are like sisters for life !
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