Everyone's heard of dozens of different kinds of apocalypses. You've got your standard zombies, or maybe a slavering horde of vampires. Vengeful angels, mutant diseases. Governments and nukes.

This is my contribution to the field. I wanted to write something new, some form of apocalyps not yet seen. And so the Crazies were born. Because I at least have never heard of an insane cannibal apocalypse before.

So what happens when the world spontaneously goes insane and everyone older than 18 becomes a viscious cannibal? Can love keep you sane? Can you forgive the atrocities you have witnessed enough to return that love? This may not sound like a standard romance, but, like everything in their world, the Crazies are... well... intense.


1. Prologue: The Frailty of Memory

Your memories make you who you are. They are the tally of your life, the measure of your experiences. They are precious and delicate and all yours. No one can take them from you but yourself.

But that’s the strange thing about your memories, isn’t it? They are so… malleable. So breakable. So losable. You’d think people would be more careful with them, but holding onto something as insubstantial as a memory is a lot of work.

I’d know. I’ve already lost mine once before.

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