Another World

Olivia is a 16 year old girl from London. Like everybody else, she is madly in love with One Direction. Everything falls into place at a meet and greet when a certain curly haired boy tells her shes "the one"


7. Waking

Memories were drifting through my head. It took me a while to realise I was looking at my past. My life was flashing before my eyes. Oh God I'm dying! I dont want to die yet! I'm just a teenager, there's so much I need to do!

However, dying would end my depression. I'd never get the flashbacks or nightmares ever again. I'd finally be peaceful.

I probably would have smiled at this if i werent unconcious. I wonder were i was. Maybe Harry decided he'd had enough of me and asked the other boys to hide my body. Maybe they all thought I was dead

My thoughts were interrupted by a bright light behind my closed eyelids. I could hear and smell everything, yep i was definately in a hospital. They were sweet boys.

Somebody's conversation caught my attention. I stayed deadly still to listen to it

''How is this my fault?'' Asked a familiar slow British accent - Harry

''You brought the girl back and made her cry! If you wouldn't have brought her back and made her cry this wouldnt have happened Haz'' Replied somebody, Liam i think. Yes, definately Liam.

''Liam just look at her, I couldnt let her get away. She's perfect''

''Ooooo! Harry's in love!'' Louis teased

''Yeah mate she is pretty fit'' Zayn agreed

''Your all saying how fit she is while shes unconcious'' Niall laughed ''Save it for when shes awake''

I was trying my best not to laugh, I was great at pretending to be asleep, thats all i had to do now

''Look at her wrists'' Harry whispered

Everything went silent. I felt 5 pair of eyes staring at me. Great..

''Ah so thats why you brought her back''

Harry started crying, no! I couldnt take this

''I tried to find out why she was doing it to herself! It sounded like i was forcing her to tell me, i didnt mean to. I want to protect her. And if she ever wants to stay in my life i'll need you boys to protect her too. I think im in love''

A chorus of ''Ooooooooooooo'' Filled the room

Except for Louis who screamed 'Oooooh La Laaaaaaaaaaaa' All over the hospital and got shushed by a nurse

''Anyone got any food?'' Niall asked, that boy and his food!

''I dont know Nialler. Harry's girlfriend looks sweet and edible. Eat her'' Zayn laughed

Oh my God

As if

One Direction

Think I'm pretty


That was me fangirling in my head

All of a sudden i burst out laughing and opened my eyes. Only to see all the boys staring at me

I threw myself back on the bed and pretended to be asleep again

I squeezed my eyes shut and didnt move

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