Another World

Olivia is a 16 year old girl from London. Like everybody else, she is madly in love with One Direction. Everything falls into place at a meet and greet when a certain curly haired boy tells her shes "the one"


2. Two Long Hours Later

Two hours later, no let me refrase that, two LONG hours later we'd picked what we were going to wear. Louise was wearing patterned leggins, a black tank top, a baseball jacket and white converse. I wore a fancy red halter neck top, black skinny jeans and a pair of black flat shoes. We obviously werent going to be 'dressed to impress' but we'd be waiting in line all day, and i mean all day! So  we might as well be comfy, right?

I hate it when I'm at a concert and i see girls dressed in short short short skirts and tops that dont even cover their bra with huge heels, i sit there laughing at how ridiculous they look! Haha! Well, me and Louise thought that through before we picked out outfits.

I started to fangirl really bad on the end of Lou's bed, i was kicked off onto the floor by her, i pulled her down with me and we started to play fight

''Heyyy!! You're going to mess up my hairrrrrrrr'' I whined to Louise

''Hahaha shut up! Your going to bed anyway, I'm going asleep now, Goodnight Liv''

''Goodnight Lou''

She gave me a quick hug and i entered my own room. I sat on my bed for a while just thinking to myself 'What if the boys like me' 'I might be in for a chance of being friends with one of them'  'what if they like me' Get a grip Liv, i mentally slapped myself. The One Direction boys wouldn't like me, I'm just a fan to them really. I'm not a bad looking girl, but they probably have supermodels throwing themselves at the boys.

I slipped into my comfiest pyjamas, a pink silk tank top and matching silk shorts. I set my alarm for 5:30AM, climbed into my bed and drifted off.



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